Daffodil Sew Along: Day 5

You've made it to the final day of the Daffodil Sew Along!  If you've sewn along with us, you should now have a nearly finished top or dress that only needs a neck binding and hem to be complete!

These steps are really quite simple and go very quickly. Start on step 7, and attach the bias tape to the neckline in the same manner as attached to the armholes.  Make sure that you turn the edge under as directed and clip the curves before attempting to turn. Before proceeding to the final enclosing stitch of the neck binding, be sure to add the a button loop. 

The pattern calls for 1/8" elastic or elastic cord for the button loop. Don't have any? A girl's ponytail holder makes perfect elastic cording! Be sure to use the thinner hair elastics and not the big thick ones though. 

I know Jen loves bias button loops when she sews a button-and-loop. She shared with me that she wanted to include them in this pattern, but decided on elastic because so many people have mentioned they have trouble turning the narrow bias tubes that are used in the Butterfly pattern. But - bias loops are sooo worth it! They are pretty, match your garment, and have just enough give to grab the button and hold on. Since it is not as stretchy as elastic, just use a slightly longer piece - for this pattern, use a piece about 2" long. So why not give them a try? We have even a blog post here (and video included) to walk you through it: It's Not Scary - Turning Bias Button Loops

Finally, sew the hem! Easing a hem might be new to you. It's a similar process as gathering a ruffle, only far less gathering! Sew in your long, loose basting stitch, then press along that stitching line, and again 1" as instructed. Tug on the easing thread just a tiny bit to take up the bit of fullness of the a-line shape. I like to match and pin at each vertical seamline, then the points between. Adjust the easing as needed, stitch it in place, and press well when you are finished!

Add a button to the back opposite the elastic loop.  Give yourself a pat on the back!  

Yep, that's SIX Daffodils I've made throughout the process of planning this sew along!  Sweet Pea is well on her way to a fabulous spring and summer wardrobe!

Now that your Daffodil top or dress is finished, snap a picture and add to the album in the TDD Facebook group  by Sunday evening.  Posting your picture in this album will enter you into the fabulous prizes that we and our sponsors Hawthorne Threads, Mabel Madison and Blend Fabrics have lined up for our Sew Along participants!

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