Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hip to Be Square - Sewing Mitered Corners on Cloth Napkins or other Hemmed Squares

Suppose you have a square (or rectangle) to hem -  a set of cloth napkins, a tablecloth, or your Tie Dye Diva Fairytale Dress. Did you know you have some choices for hemming techniques? You could of course make a quick rolled hem with your serger, but even if you want a folded hem, you have a choice. You can fold an edge over twice, stitch it down, then proceed to the next edge and do the same thing. It works, and makes a perfectly fine folded hem in a minimum of time. But at the corners where the edges overlap, you’ll have a full 6 thicknesses of fabric, which does get a bit bulky.

Here is one of your other choices: mitered corners. They take a bit of time, and you risk burned fingers if you don't work carefully, but here's a method of creating them without too much fuss and some tips for saving those fingers in the process.

  • Your Tie Dye Diva Fairytale Dress pattern or Pixie Belle Skirt pattern, or other right angles you need to hem. For cloth napkins, squares 16" x 16" work nicely.
  • Iron with steam setting
  • air-erasable marker
  • ruler
  • cardstock to use as pressing guide
  • optional but recommended: silicone fingertip guards
The first step in saving your fingers is creating a simple pressing guide. Because I fold my fabric stash on 'comic boards', that is usually what I use. Any uncolored cardstock-weight paper will do. Don't use colored paper as it may transfer to your fabric as it gets damp with steam.

Use a pencil (not a pen, which might transfer to your fabric), mark the longest edge of the cardstock 1/4" from the edge. You can see mine under the pen and finger protectors in the photo. For this project, that's all you'll need! You might love using it so much that you want to make some additional marks at 1/2", 1", etc. for your other projects.

With your iron on steam setting, use the pressing guide to press 1/4" under on all sides of your square.

Then use that first fold as your guide to press all edges over again 1/4".

While the corners are double-folded, give them a good press with your steam iron to set the creases, then unfold (careful! Use the finger protectors or wait for it to cool.) You'll see a grid pattern at the corners that looks like this. Mark the inner and outer corners with your air-erasable pen. As you get more practiced at this, you may not need to make the marks, but it helps immensely as you are starting out.

Clip across the corner at the outer mark.

Then press the resulting angled edge over to (or just barely past) the inner mark. Press well.

Use the finger protectors or a tool like the eraser end of a pencil to help you turn the 1/4" folds back into place and press well. They ought to meet right in the middle as you see in the second photo below.

(Troubleshooting: if your side edges are too far apart and don't meet in the center, you have pressed your diagonal edge under too far. If they are so close that they overlap, you have not pressed it far enough.)

Stitch around near the folded edge, pivoting at the corner.

Enjoy your pretty mitered corners!

Tie Dye Diva Pixie Belle Skirt Pattern

Quick guide (great for pinning):

Monday, February 17, 2014

Photo share giveaway winners!

Giveaway winners for The Tie Dye Diva Patterns Fan Group fun 2/17:

 We drew 10 winners randomly to win 1 free PDF pattern each:

Winners correspond to:

Andrea Thomas Lambe
Ashley Mathews Allison
Heather Williams-Nadeau
Heather Williams-Nadeau
Deena Sanders
Janet Bernard Allen
Bel Shields
Bel Shields
Bel Shields
Lynette Fluharty

And oops, we hadn't specified whether one winner could win multiple prizes ... but I think the answer is YES! :) But since we hadn't specified, we drew 3 more winners to make up for the winners of more than one pattern so we still have 10 unique winners.

These correspond to:

Ashley Clark
Lisa Tibbe
Emma Hardman

Congratulations to all! Email me or use the contact me form in the sidebar of this blog to claim your prizes.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Participants agree to release of Facebook from liability arising from this promotion.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tie Dye Diva Patterns Affiliate Program

Every Day Top and Snazzy Pants. Photo: Amber Wynne Photography

Welcome everyone to 2014! While I am still in that "new year, new me" burst-of-energy-mode I wanted to let you all know that the Tie Dye Diva Patterns affiliate program is up and running and accepting new affiliates!

It's easy - after you sign up, you just add an adorable Tie Dye Diva "ad" button (like the one above), to your blog, link it up to your unique affiliate link, and then when buyers purchase through your link, you receive 20% of the sale price. There's no limit to how much you can earn.

Tie Dye Diva is one of the Top 100 Handmade Sellers on Etsy, and closing in fast on 25,000 sales on that venue. I'd love to share the TDD success with you! Sign up at the link:

Friday, December 13, 2013

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Winner!

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Thanks everyone for entering the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day and thank you to Sew Mama Sew for sponsoring! I loved reading about what you are all sewing, all over the world. I've put the 180 comments into Randomizer and ... ta daaa ...
Number 14! This corresponds to the comment by Kat who said "I'm sewing for my 2 year old grand daughter and 0-3 month sized girl clothes for the grand daughter to be later this month." Well now you can make something super YUMMY for them from your 1 yard of out of print Michael Miller Sweet Flower Fairies fabric and your choice of any PDF sewing pattern from my shop! I'm trying to contact you through your blog, please get in touch with me too. :)

For everyone else, you don't have to go away frowny-faced! Everyone is a winner - please take 15% off all day at Tie Dye Diva Patterns with discount code SEWMAMA. This code is good only at Remember, if you are purchasing 3 or more patterns, you'll want to use code BUNDLE to take a full 25% off your order, no limit. The 15% code expires in 24 hours from the timestamp of this post.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day! {{CLOSED}}


Yesss - it's Sew Mama Sew's Giveaway Day!

This year I'm giving away a bundle of 1 yard of this gorgeous out of print Sweet Flower Fairy fabric from Michael Miller and the winner's choice of any 1 of my more than 70 downloadable patterns for baby, children, adults and home at I'll mail the fabric anywhere in the world; the pattern will be emailed in PDF format.

I love this fabric so much, I broke my no-repeat rule and used it on two pattern covers.

What would you make with it? It would make a darling Perfect Party Dress for Girls.
Or collar and cuffs on the lovely Every Day Top
No kids? No problem. Maybe a Reversible Sun Hat Pattern for Women?

Or any of the remaining 70+ patterns.

To enter to win the fabric and a free PDF sewing pattern, just leave a comment! Let me know who you are sewing for at the moment, or if you are a sewer-to-be. There are, of course, no non-sewers, only those whose inner sewer is begging to be let out. She probably has scissors and needles in there so don't keep her in too long. [Edited to add: get a second entry by liking on Facebook! Post in a second post that you've done so or already like TDD.]

Entries close December 13. Winner will be drawn randomly via and announced by December 14 here on the Tie Dye Diva blog. One entry will be counted per person, open worldwide.

Post your comment(s) below, leave a way for me to contact you, and check back on on December 14! If you can't stand the wait and want to immerse yourself in my patterns in the meantime, come join over 10000 Tie Dye Diva Patterns fans on Facebook at or in our interactive, fun and chatty Facebook group of more than 2500 members at I hope to see you in both!

To enter more giveaways from other designers, bloggers, and generally awesome people, click the Sew Mama Sew logo at the top!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Smooth Finish for the Tie Dye Diva Ruffled Baby Bubble Romper
The Ruffled Baby Romper pattern provides two methods of finishing - with a snap crotch or with a fixed, sewn crotch. Here is an alternate way to sew the final seam of a fixed-crotch romper that requires just a little more skill than the easy method given in the PDF pattern, but allows a smooth, seamless finish for the entire romper. 

The existing easy method instructs you to line up the front and back seams and stitch through all 3 layers, the front, the front liner, and the back, and then to finish the seam using a serger or other finish method. Quick and easy, and the finish looks like this on the inside. 

To instead finish with the smooth method, you will turn the raw edges of the romper front main fabric and romper front liner to the inside by 1/2", so the raw edges are inside the gap between the liner and main fabrics.

Then insert the raw edge of the romper back into that gap between the main and liner fabric of the romper front. Push the raw edge inside by ½”; the front and back should be the same width at this point. If they are not, you may need to adjust your pressed edges. Pin into place, first at one side edge and then at the other side edge, then the pins between.

From the right side of the romper, stitch across close to the folded edge of the romper front, catching the folded edge of the liner as you go. 

The finish then looks like this from the inside - nice and smooth! 

Just a note also on matching the crotch seams for any finish method. Before you worry your front and back are mismatched, realize that the stitching line, where you will be joining the front and back, is ½” from the raw edge of the fabrics. Because the pieces are different shapes, they do not in fact match up at the very edges, but at the 1/2" mark where you sew them together, they will.

Enjoy sewing your Ruffled Baby Bubble Romper!

Friday, November 22, 2013

10,000 Fan Winners!

Thank you to everyone who entered the Tie Dye Diva 10,000 fan giveaway! I am so pleased to announce the 12 winners! Drumroll please ...
  1. $50 Gift Certificate to One Red Blossom Fabrics - Kirsten N, pinknug@...
  2. 3 yard fabric bundle from Two Crazy Girls Appliques - Piera L., pieralotito@ ...
  3. 12 yard bundle from Two Crazy Girls Appliques -  Beth F.C.,  eeyore777@...
  4. KAM Snaps pliers and 500 snaps - Kenda C.  kendabenda@...
  5. $35 Gift certificate to Crafters Vision - Isabelle V., issy@...
  6. 6 yard fabric bundle from Blend Fabrics - Joy C., joybabe109@...
  7. Fair & Square fabric/pattern/mug bundle - Raenita D., country_chick_boutique@...
  8. Butterfly fabric/pattern/mug bundle Victoria P.,  v.robinette91@...
  9. Fairytale fabric/pattern/mug bundle Amber R., alredinger2@... 
And now the winners of their Tie Dye Diva Pattern wishlists!
  • Second Place Winner #1 (up to 10 patterns from their wishlist) Elspeth W.,  elspeth.wilson@...
  • Second Place Winner #2 (up to 10 patterns from their wishlist) Leanne J., ian.jensen1@...
  • GRAND PRIZE WINNER - Every.single.pattern on her pinned wishlist! Yippee! Congratulations to 
Alexandra L 

So happy for all of you! I will contact all winners via email.

My sincerest thanks to everyone who entered, and to every single person who is part of the 10,000 (plus!) fans on Facebook, without whom this would not have happened! You won't want to miss news from TDD next week, so stay tuned! Besides our Facebook fan page, you can join us in the interactive Tie Dye Diva Facebook fan group where you can post pictures, ask questions, and interact with me and over 2500 TDD patterns fans. Just click the link to to go the group, select "join group" and an administrator will approve your request.

Not on Facebook much? You can also stay in touch with TDD news by joining the Tie Dye Diva mailing list. I send out newsletters less than 4 times a year so you won't get a bunch of spam. Here's a tip, though, I'll be sending one next week. ;)

You can join the newsletter by clicking the link: Join the Tie Dye Diva Newsletter.