Tutorial - Adding Built-in Shorts to the Potato Chip and Garnet Skirts!

We love skirts in our house. They are the perfect everyday wear paired with a cute tee.  But, without fail, we need to put shorts beneath.  Try as I do to teach Sweet Pea to be ladylike, little bike shorts or some kind of undershorts are still a necessity.

Skirts are the perfect back to school wear too, but when it comes to storytime on the carpet and playing on the playground, bring on the shorts!

Today I'm showing you how to add attached shorts to both the Potato Chip and Garnet Skirt. Some people call these "monkeybar skirts". You will need the Sterling Shorties and Leggings Pattern as well as the Potato Chip Skirt Pattern and/or Garnet Pattern.  All three of these patterns include size 12-18 months through 9/10 (the Potato Chip Skirt also includes sizes 11/12 and 13/14).

Sterling Shorties and Leggings are incredibly versatile and a pattern you will use over and over again.  Designed for 4-way stretch knit, make ruffled shorts, ruffled leggings, or plain leggings.  The perfect everyday staple.  Use the shorties pattern without the ruffles for under skirts and dresses (attached or unattached) as we will today.

The Potato Chip Skirt pretty much speaks for itself.  You can't stop at just one! Classic a-line shape with flat front and elastic back.  Don't forget about the pockets!  Make your skirt lined, unlined (for heavier bottom weight or denim fabric) or reversible for two looks in one skirt.  The classic styling of this skirts makes it appropriate for many school uniforms too.

And finally, the Garnet Dress, Top, and Skirt Pattern.  Talk about loaded with options.  Make long or short sleeved dress or tee. Paneled or single fabric skirt or dress.  Make it from all knit, or use knit for the bodice and woven for the skirt.  There's a total of 19 different combinations possible with this one pattern!  For even more style options make sure you read last week's blog post to omit the collar and use a neckband instead. Today I've made both a long sleeve tee and paneled skirt.

Today I am again using the gorgeous Season of Love collection by Ana Davis for Blend Fabrics. This is an Indian-inspired collection featuring elephants and peacocks in mint, coral, and yellow tones.This fabric has been provided to us free of charge so we can bring you awesome tutorials like this one.

Take a closer look at these lovely prints.  They are simply stunning in person!

The Season of Love collection's just been released and as of right now is a little scarce online. You can find some prints from this collection for pre-order at The Palm Cottage on Etsy, or you can contact Blend Fabrics and they will help you find a store near you that carries Season of Love. {EDITED: In stock now at The Palm Cottage, go take a look!}

Let's add some shorties!  This is a super simple modification that will literally only add a couple of minutes to your sewing time. We're making a size 2 width and 3 length in all the patterns, which is Sweet Pea's size by the size charts.

Starting with the Sterling Shorties pattern, print and assemble your pattern using the shorties cutting line.  Because we will not be making a folded casing at the waistband, measure down 3/4" from the top edge and use this as your cutting line.

Sew shorties according to instructions (we're using the no ruffle hem, option a) through step 3.

Set the shorties aside.  Cut and assemble your skirt up to the point of adding the waistband.  For my Potato Chip Skirt I used the reversible view (even thought the skirt is not reversible with attached shorties) because quilting cottons are generally not heavy enough for an unlined skirt.

On Shorties and Garnet skirt, mark center front, center back, and sides.  Mark only center front and back on the Potato Chip skirt and use the side seams (even though the back is wider). With both skirt and shorties right side out, slide the shorties inside the skirt and match front, back, and sides.

On this size 2 the Potato Chip Skirt and shorties will match nearly exactly across the front and need to be stretched to fit across the back.  This is correct, the elastic in the back will pull the skirt and shorties in as needed.

The Garnet skirt is slightly bigger than the shorties around the waist.  We are stretching the shorties to fit.

Baste skirt and shorties together using a 1/4" seam allowance.  A couple extra notes here.  Your Potato Chip Skirt may feel a little awkward at this point because of the higher back rise of the shorties.  This is okay.  Once the elastic is added to the waistband, they will be perfect.

Notice that little tuck of extra fabric at the back.
Second, I strongly recommend adding a tag to the back of your garnet skirt with attached shorties.  The Garnet Skirt by itself does not have a specific front and back, but because of the rise difference  between front and back of the Sterling Shorties, there is a specific front and back with attached shorties. I have used a size tag here, but a simple loop of ribbon works just as well.

Now simply add your waistband according to the pattern instructions.  Your skirt with attached shorties is done!

Don't forget about Dolly Patterns to match.  Both the Potato Chip Skirt and Garnet Patterns have matching dolly patterns available.  I've make the Potato Chip Dolly Skirt and a Garnet Tee for Dolly.

Could she look any happier?
Now we're playground and school ready!  In case there's any question as to why add undershorts, let me show you what happens in real life, instead of posed pictures!

And Garnet Skirts are made for twirling and running down hills!

But all this fun usually ends up on the ground....

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