Tutorial Tuesday: How to add flutters to the Fair & Square Top and Dress Pattern

After a long summer hiatus, Tutorial Tuesday returns today!  Today we turn to the Fair & Square Top and Dress pattern.  This is a pattern I find myself reaching for over and over again.  It is a summer top or sundress but also an adorable jumper in cooler weather.  It dresses up and down.  It is really a perfect go to pattern.

Top length with a border
print and Sterling Leggings
Dress length layered for
fall with a long sleeve
tee and boots

Top length with bias hem
and Pretty Pantaloons
Dress length for spring
with a tee and capri tights

Another way to layer. Top length
with skinny jeans and a cardigan.

Today We're sharing how to add flutter sleeves to the Fair & Square pattern making it even more versatile.  Ready? Let's get started!

Begin by cutting out each of the pattern pieces as directed.  Then cut two flutters. To keep this easy we will start with rectangles.  For this 6-12 month size I cut rectangles that are 2 1/2" x 12".  For larger sizes you may want to cut rectangles up to 1" wider and 4" longer.  Keep in mind that the longer the rectangle is, the more gathered the flutter will be.

Now shape the rectangle.

Now we will add the flutter into the construction of the Fair & Square dress.  If you have made the Butterfly Dress pattern then this will sound very familiar.

Now continue with the Fair & Square instructions picking up were where we left off.  To accommodate the flutters, it is easiest to begin with sewing the neck edges of the main and lining. Then sew the armhole edges rolling the flutters to fit between the layers if necessary. 

That's it! Finish off your top or dress according to the pattern instructions and enjoy your Fair & Square with flutters.

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