A Year of Dresses: Butterfly Dress

Welcome back as we resume A Year of Dresses!  I've lost track of weeks, but A Year of Dresses started at the end of April 2014 with this Big Bow Dress and has continued every week (with the exception of December's hiatus).  We will pick up again now and plan to finish strong through April.  I'm so excited about the dresses I have planned for you.  Spring is such a fun season to sew for!  With that, let's look at this week's beautiful Butterfly Dress.

The Butterfly dress is one of those patterns you never get tired of making. A change of fabric selection and placement can make an entirely different looking dress from the last one you made.  This is my fourth butterfly in the last year and I can't wait to make the fifth!

Before we jump in, let's look at the pattern details.  The Butterfly pattern is available in both baby and girls sizes with slight variations.  The baby pattern covers sizes 0-24 months and is top length, while the girls sizes include sizes 2-8 and is dress length.  Don't forget about Dolly Butterfly too, every girl needs a matching dolly dress! To read more about the baby top and how to modify it to dress length read my Butterfly Baby post.

While it may look like I've jumped into spring in the middle of winter (how I wish I could!) the Butterfly dress is one of the most versatile patters around!  Will this dress be beautiful for spring and summer?  Most definitely!  But Sweet Pea can also wear it now and be cheery in winter.  This pattern layers beautifully!

We love boots with our dresses!  Add a long sleeve tee underneath and tights.  She's ready to go!  Make sure you check out Jen's post, Boots and Dresses Roundup, for more winter fashion ideas.

I've made several small adaptions to this Butterfly dress.  None of them are difficult and they add some fun variety to your butterfly dress.

First, I lined the flutters.  I love the extra peep of color that this gives!  I have seen several Butterfly dresses made this way by the fabulous seamstresses in our Tie Dye Diva Facebook Group (come and join us!) and wanted to try it myself as well as show you how simple it is.

To make lined flutter follow theses simple steps:

Second, I made the skirt ever so slightly fuller.  I really did this because it made my inefficient use of fabric (fussy cutting the front skirt) slightly more efficient by not leaving an unusable scrap. Here's what you need to know:
Third and finally, I modified the hem ruffle just a bit.  Instead of sewing the ruffle as a seam I left the top edge exposed also.  There are a couple steps to doing this, but it's very easy!

I can't say enough how pleased I am with the outcome of this dress.  The bodice embellishment options are endless, but I kept with the tuxedo ruffle finished with a couple simple buttons for this dress.  

I've been saving my beautiful Kumari fabric for just the right dress and the Butterfly did not let me down! Sweet Pea will wear this dress now, wear it this summer as a sundress, and when it gets short, I'll add leggings and she can wear it as a tunic.  Yay!

In case I missed any detail, here's the pattern rundown:

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