Year of Dresses: Big Bow Dress

Hello, Rachel here! Today we are beginning a new, fun blog series: A Year of Dresses.  This series will highlight dresses (and maybe some skirts) from Tie Dye Diva Patterns.  Each week I'll be featuring a pattern and sharing some fun ideas and tips.  Sometimes I'll be sharing modification on the patterns, other times I might be giving some tips and tricks of the trade.  You never know what you'll see!  Make sure you follow me on Bloglovin so you are sure to never miss a fabulous Year of Dresses post!
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So, without further ado. today I bring you the Big Bow Dress and Top!

Big Bow Baby Dress and Top includes sizes 0-24 months, and Big Bow Dress and Top for Girls covers sizes 2-8. This pattern is packed full of options. It an be made as a top that is adorable with leggings (or Pretty Pantaloons) or dress length.  Hem with a plain band, make it a ruffle for more frills, or make a simple hem instead.

For this dress I chose a simple hem band.  As a side note, I added an extra inch of length to this dress because Sweet Pea it tall and thin.  I wanted to ensure that she could wear it layered as a dress still this fall (raise your hand if you over plan...). 

The bow, that big bow that gives the pattern it's name, can be worn in either the front or the back, and there is no need to decide until putting the dress on. I hemmed my bow but Jen tells you how to make a double sided bow and save your fingertips here.

The versatility doesn't end there.  It is a great sundress, but also cute layered with a long or short sleeve t-shirt.

 The straps tie on the shoulder, which is not only adorable, but also make for a customizable fit that can grow with the wearer.  Remember that top length option with leggings?  Because the bodice is an easy (looser) fit, the length will likely be outgrown before the width so grab those leggings and keep on wearing!  I love when my Sweet Pea is able to wear a dress for more than one season, and this dress definitely wins!

I'll let you in on a secret too.  I was 90% done cutting out this dress when I realized I didn't have enough of my lining fabric!  Because of sweet shoulder ties, the lining fabric provides a cute contrast....what to do?  I looked at my fabric and got to thinking.  While I didn't have enough fabric to cut on the fold, I did have enough if I cut two pieces. So I added a 1/2" seam allowance to the center back, cut two pieces and seamed.  You'd never know when it's on!

Look carefully, there's a seam there!

Make sure you come back next Friday to read about another fabulous TDD dress!  Here's a short pattern run down for quick reference.
          Sizes 0-24 Months
Sizes 2-8