How to Make Daffodil Capris into Shorts!

Do you love Daffodil Capris?  The classic flat front design with easy on and off of the elastic back?  Girly ruffles? Sweet faux wrap design? But, do you want something a little cooler for summer? Today we have you covered with Daffodil Shorts!

Daffodil Shorts are quite simply everything you love about Daffodil Capris, but shortened to short length for summer. This is a super easy modification that you will love to sew all summer long.

Finished with pom-pom trim
Begin by printing and assembling your Daffodil Capri pattern. Now we will shorten the pattern.  First, however,  decide if you will finish the hem with the pattern ruffle or trim with a purchased piping, rick rack, or other trim.  This decision will effect the finished length of the shorts.  While the pattern ruffle will add 1" to the length of the shorts other trim options add a minimal 1/4" or less.

Finished with pattern ruffle
Shown with the Daffodil Top
Typical inseam for girls shorts is between 1 1/2" and 2".  Keep in mind that the petal leg design of the Daffodil pattern will make the shorts appear just a little bit shorter. The green ruffle trim shorts above have a finished inseam of 1 1/2" while the red pom-pom trim shorts have a 2" inseam. Once you've decided how you will finish the hem of your shorts and your desired inseam, we are ready to measure and shorten.

If you are using the pattern ruffle for the hem or finishing with purchased 1" lace, simply measure your desired inseam length from the center crotch down.  For example, the green shorts are cut at 1 1\2". The one inch that is lost in seam allowance is gained back by the 1" finished ruffle.  If you are using piping, rick rack, or pom pom trim, measure the inseam 1" longer than your desired length.  For example, the red shorts were cut at 3".  Subtract one inch in seam allowance and the finished inseam length is 2".

Begin by measuring down the appropriate amount determined above an placing a mark. Next measure from the bottom of the capri pattern up to the place you marked.  This is how much you will be shortening the pattern. For this pair I shortened 6 1/2". Now measure up from the hem at several points and mark with dashes. Finally, connect the dashes. This will ensure that you maintain the proper curve for the shorts. Measure the same amount up from the hem for each of the three pattern pieces.

Cut out your Daffodil Shorts.  If you are using the included ruffle we need to remeasure the length needed for the ruffle.  First measure the hemline of the front and back pieces.  Add this number together and multiply by two [ (front hem + back hem) x 2 ].  Also measure the center front and hem of the side panel and again multiply by two.  Cut two ruffle strips for each measurement (one for each leg).  Sew exactly per pattern instructions!

I've added a simple bow on the waistband for a little extra pizzazz.  If you'd like to add one too, here's how!

If you haven't grabbed your Daffodil Capri pattern yet, grab it now!  Sizes 12-18 months through girls 9/10 will make this a staple for years to come! Enjoy your sweet Daffodil Short all summer long.  I know Sweet Pea will!.

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