8 Years, 100 Patterns, and a TDD, YCMT and KAM Snaps Giveaway!

 See this?
It’s not just a doll pattern.

It’s my 100th sewing pattern.

One. Hundred. Patterns. I can hardly believe it myself. This along with Tie Dye Diva’s eight-year anniversary this year really has me thinking about all the changes over the years.

When PDF sewing patterns first made their debut, the customer base for them was small. Not all, of course, but many, PDF users were relatively new to sewing, and wanting to make clothes for their own children or to sell as "custom boutique" on eBay (because etsy was still a little start up almost no one had heard of). The focus of many PDF patterns was a quick and gratifying sew, with simplified techniques and detailed instructions so even a newcomer could enjoy finished ruffle pants, or a dress, in a matter of hours. Most users wanted patterns with no buttonholes or zippers and no techniques needing repeated practice such as bound plackets or seams enclosed within a lining. They wanted to work with quilting cottons and not less-familiar knit fabrics (which were mostly available only in solids and not easy to find anyway).

Kim Christopherson had the vision to create You Can Make This, a marketplace of PDF craft and sewing patterns in July, 2006. [affiliate link] The website opened with about 12 designers and 25 products. I joined them as a pattern author in 2007, and I can say without a doubt Tie Dye Diva patterns would not be here today without them.
Me, Kim of YCMT, her twin sister crafter/quilter Kris Thurgood, Carla of Scientific Seamstress (one of the original YCMT authors!), and Heather of Goosie Girl, who is also a YCMT author.

This is one of the early Tie Dye Diva patterns that is still “in print” (as PDFs go). It was released in 2008. High-key photography (with the white background) was soooo popular!


Fast forward to today - how far we have come! The PDF sewing pattern community has exploded. Pattern designers number in the hundreds and PDF users are from all walks of life with all sewing backgrounds, experience levels, and needs. PDF patterns look a lot more like traditional paper patterns in their garment design and construction techniques. The You Can Make This website has hundreds of designers, and thousands of PDF patterns.

Download Sewing Patterns Today!
Hand-held KAM snaps pliers and set-in-snaps have opened up a whole new world for seamstresses who still shy away from buttonholes. Several years ago, the main alternative to buttons was sew-in snaps, which require some fiddly hand-sewing to apply. I chatted with Judy at KAMSnaps about the early days of KAMsnaps.com, which was at about the same time as the early days of Tie Dye Diva patterns. Judy said,
"Back then, not many people knew about KAM snaps or even thought of snaps much at all.  Hand-held pliers weren't on the market yet so the only way to install KAM snaps was with the table-top presses, which were much more expensive back then than they are today.  I don't know what people were using instead of snaps--maybe velcro or sew-on buttons. 

KAM snaps became much more mainstream with the advent of the KAM pliers because it meant users could now install snaps with a relatively inexpensive tool.  Now it seems like somebody in every sewing or crafting group knows about snaps!"
Our Perfect Party Dress pattern, with perfectly matched KAM snaps!

I know, right?  Now seamstresses of all skill levels love the option KAM snaps provide to make a quick work of a closure  - no buttonholes needed.  Custom-printed knit groups and websites have made adorable, trendy printed knits easy to get.

Tie Dye Diva patterns has grown and matured too. We focused on the very beginning seamstress for many years. Early patterns reminded the user to backstitch at the beginning of each seam to lock the stitches! Now we have patterns for all levels of seamstresses, with plenty of buttonholes (but no-buttonhole options included of course!) zippers, and patterns for knit fabrics. We include more advanced techniques that give a beautiful finish, along with quick-finish instructions as an alternative. (A few simpler patterns are being updated right now to include both more complex and quick finish options, to specifically refer to set-in snaps as a closure option, and to incorporate some other techniques shown here on the TDD blog.  If you already own one of these patterns, you can always refer to the step-by-step instructions on the TDD blog - we'll do our best to make the links easy to find.)

Our Butterfly pattern with enclosed bodice, continuous placket and yep, KAM snaps!

I'm beyond blessed to have been able to do what I love for so long and am grateful to every supporter who has helped me continue and grow in this business for these 8 years and into the future! We are celebrating with a big GIVEAWAY from Tie Dye Diva, You Can Make This, and KAM Snaps! Enter to win a $35 gift certificate from Tie Dye Diva, a $25 gift certificate from Youcanmakethis.com, and this amazing KAM Snaps starter kit from KAMsnaps.com - pliers, 200 snaps in 20 colors, all in an organizer case!

I'd love it if you'd join the TDD mailing list, and I think you'll love it too. I send it less than 4 times a year. You can sign up here.

But, you do NOT need to join the mailing list to enter the contest. Just leave a comment to enter and be sure I have a way to contact you if you win. Contest runs through midnight Friday November 27. The winner will be randomly drawn Saturday morning. Contest is open worldwide. Any unclaimed prize will be redrawn after 48 hours.

Ready? Leave a comment to enter, and be a pal and share with your sewing friends! Good luck!

[EDITED: Contest is closed, congratulations to commenter #94, Crescendo Gal! I'll be contacting you via email about your prizes!]

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