It's Not SCARY: Rolled Hems

Rolled hems are a skill you will use over and over and over! I would be lost without rolled hems in my sewing repertoire.  Rolled hems can be done on both your serger or sewing machine.  While a rolled hem on the serger is more common, today I am mostly addressing rolled hems on your sewing machine.

But first, just a quick word about rolled hems on your serger.  Because every serger is different, I can't tell you how to set up your serger for a rolled hem, but your serger manual will!  If you have the popular Brother 1034D serger, here's a quick tutorial that may be of help to you.

Now for sewing a rolled hem on your sewing machine!


  • And that's it! Sew to the end and admire your beautiful narrow rolled hem!  I've used a contrasting thread to help you see how close to the folded edge the stitching ends up.

A narrow rolled hem can be used over and over and over again in Tie Dye Diva patterns.  It's great for finishing flutter sleeves on the Easy Peasy Peasant Dress or Butterfly Dress Patterns.

Try it on the ruffles of a Ruffled Diaper Cover (pictured with the Open Back Baby Dress) or Ruffled Baby Romper

Or the ruched hem of Perfect Party Dress

I used a serger for this one, but a machine narrow rolled
hem would also work wonderfully.
And of course, don't forget Ruby Ruffles Skirt!

There are countless other Tie Dye Diva Patterns where a narrow rolled hem will come in handy too! So, grab some scraps and give a narrow rolled hem a whirl!  It really is NOT SCARY!

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