It's Not SCARY: Continuous Lap Plackets

Continuous lap plackets are an invaluable technique for sewing, especially sewing for children.  A placket allows extra room for a garment to go over the head and shoulders easily.  They are found on many Tie Dye Diva Patterns tops and dresses, especially patterns for babies.

Fair & Square top and dress for babies

Every Day Top

Baby''s Party Dress
 A simple 2" placket enlarges the neck and back opening by a total of 4" and when it's done, it's nearly invisible.

A placket also allows button-back designs to have a fully enclosed bodice seam.  Both the Fair & Square Top and Dress for Baby and Baby's Party Dress patterns have fully enclosed seams with the use of a placket.  But, plackets can be a bit tricky at first so many beginner patterns do not utilize a placket.  If you're ready to challenge yourself, you can add a placket yourself in order to have an enclosed bodice seam.  Try adding a placket to La Tulipe, Perfect Party Dress, and Fair & Square Top and Dress for Girls.

The inside is as beautiful as the outside and no irritating seams!

Adding a placket is quick and easy, and after practice it takes just a few minutes to add it to a pattern and sew.  Ready to conquer your fears of continuous lap plackets?  Click through to Jen's blog post Sewing a Continuous Lap Placket for all the details and superb, high contrast pictures!

Placket on an Every Day Top

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