A Year of Dresses: Opal Dress and Sterling Leggings

This week for A Year of Dresses I'm shifting to knit and made both an Opal Knit Flutter Dress and Sterling Leggings.  I really enjoy sewing knit, though I sew a lot more woven. This outfit is perfect for everyday play as we head into spring and summer.

Both Opal and Sterling patterns are part of the Tie Dye Diva's Diva Collection Patterns. The Diva Collection is designed to be a little more full, have a little more flair, and be a little more FUN!  As part of the Diva Collection, both patterns also included extended sizing from 12-18 months through girls 9/10.  These are patterns you will go back to again and again!

If you've never sewn with knit before, then Sterling Ruffle Shorties and Leggings is a great place to start.  The pattern includes a full knit sewing tutorial to guide you as you start.  The pattern is also unbelievably quick and easy with impressive results.  The pattern includes both shorts with a ruffled hem and pants with double or single ruffle or no ruffle for a basic legging.

If you have a difficult to fit kiddo, this pattern will become your best friend.  Let me explain.  Sweet Pea (as you know if you've read past A Year of Dresses posts) is tall and skinny.  Her chest, waist, and hip measurements have barely changed since she was 15 months or so, yet she is many, many inches taller at 2 1/2.  So, while all of her store bought leggings are quickly becoming capris, any larger size will not stay up and look ridiculously baggy.  Thankfully, she has a sewing mama who can customize the fit for her waist and height.

Confession time: I did not measure Sweet Pea before sewing these leggings.  I cut an 18-24 month width but extended the length to 2T.  While her height, at 37.5", puts her in the 3T range on the Tie Dye Diva size chart, her height is all in her long torso! I am very happy with how the leggings fit; she has growing room, but they aren't baggy.  However, I did measure her hips (the measurement used to determine size on this pattern) after making these leggings and discovered that she is really in the 12-18 month hip range! I did say she's tall and skinny right!? I'm planning on sewing up several more pairs for her spring wardrobe (she wears leggings under dresses and skirts as well as with tunics) and plan to downsize to the proper size for her measurements and make a 12-18 month width with a 2T length.

Once you have a pair or two of Sterling shorties and leggings under your belt, you'll be more than prepared to sew an Opal dress or tunic. Opal has an easy pull on style with no closures required.  The pattern includes both top and dress length.  Jazz up your Opal with an optional, in seam bodice ruffle, knit flower (full instructions included), or leave both of for a chic and classy look. I chose to make a flower to go with the theme of flowers on her leggings.

For Miss Tall and Skinny I made an Opal dress with a size 2T width (her chest is barely 20.5" putting her at bottom a the 2T size range) with a 3T length (37.5" tall).  It's a little hard to see in the pictures, but the dress is hitting just above her knees.  Perfect length for growing room to last through the summer!

I made two flowers exactly per the pattern instructions. The first I sewed on her dress.  The second I added to an alligator clip for her hair!

I am not a prolific bow maker, but I have made several for Sweet Pea to match outfits as she nearly always wears a bow of some sort.  If you'd like to make one, here's how I do it:

And there you have it, an easy little hair bow to match your Opal dress or tunic.  

Sweet Pea's measure of a good outfit lately is how well it spins and jumps.  Opal passed both tests with flying colors!

Here's your quick pattern details!

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