A Year of Dresses: Easy Peasy Peasant

Happy Halloween!  Did you make your kiddos costumes?  I'm not really even ashamed to say that I did not (maybe I should be...?).  My boys both wanted to be standard 'boy' characters, one Ninja Turtle and one Transformer.  Not my kind of sewing..... And Sweet Pea, well, you know that I made several costumes for A Year of Dresses last month and she could have worn any of them, but she fell in love with a cute little fairy costume....  I don't mind.  My favorite type of sewing is skirts and dresses, tops and rompers anyway.  I like being creative with embellished tees.  I dislike 'boring' sewing like pillow covers (although I still do it sometimes).

I guess that leads us to the type of sewing I love! Dresses.... This week's A Year of Dresses is as fast and easy as they come but still packs a WOW punch.  You guessed it, it's the Easy Peasy Peasant.  This pattern is perfect for everyday needs.  It is loaded with options for every season. Perfect for every sewing level.

First, let's start with the pattern details.  The Easy Peasy Peasant pattern is available for both babies and girls.  The baby size pattern includes five sizes from 0-24 months.  This pattern is specifically drafted to fit the unique shape and proportions of babies.  You know, big heads, diapers, short legs....The girls size range also includes five sizes from 2-10.  Girls sizes are of course drafted to fit little girl bodies, longer and leaner than babies.  If you want both sizes ranges (you know you do!), you can purchase them bundled together at a discounted rate.  How sweet is that?!  The Easy Peasy Pattern includes full pattern pieces, not just cut outs.  You know and love Jen's attention to detail and you will appreciate that even in this simple peasant dress.  The a-line shape is just perfect.  Narrower at the top, cute flair at the bottom.  No shapeless dresses here!

True to it's name, the Easy Peasy Peasant pattern is quick and easy!  It's a great first sewing project but enjoyable for even the most advanced seamstress.  Make sure to try each of the options and get creative! This pattern includes 4 sleeve lengths, flutter, short, 3/4, and long.  You can also change the look of the sleeve based on elastic choice.  Leave the elastic out of the short sleeves for an 'angel' sleeve look, or try a few rows of shirring on the bicep for a bell shaped 3/4 or long sleeve.  Vary the look of the neckline by shirring instead of making an elastic casing, a full shirring tutorial is included in the pattern!  And finally, choose to make the included ruffle hem, or make a quick and easy pattern even quicker and easier by making a simple hem instead.  Cutting lengths are included for both options.

Today I went for quick and easy choices on my peasant dress.  I hemmed instead of adding a ruffle and used a casing for both the neck and wrists. I used a coordinating fabric for the sleeves, but it's very subtle.  I probably could have used the main fabric for the sleeves and it would still look the same!

I like to add a little flair to the neckline of my Easy Peasy Peasant dresses.  I have sometimes added a few buttons in the center, or a quick, small ribbon bow on the side. I've also made a flower using Jen's great free tutorial.

3 cute buttons at center front, flutter sleeves

Ribbon bow, shirred bell sleeves, no ruffle

Free double layer flower from tutorial, angel sleeves, ruffle hem
Today I did something different and made a large fabric bow as you so often see on peasant dresses. To make this bow I cut a strip 4" by about 35".  I made the ends at a 45* angle.  Sew  your strip into a tube leaving an 1 1/2" opening in the center for turning.  Trim the corners so you get nice crisp points, turn and press.  I hand stitched the opening closed, you could also topstitch close to the edge. After tying in a bow I took a few stitches through the back securing the knot so that little hands can't untie it.  I pinned it on with a safety pin for easy removal before washing.

You may have noticed I'm a fan of boots.... I paired this Easy Peasy Dress with tights and boots for a look I love for fall and winter!  When this dress gets short I'll swap the tights for leggings and Sweet Pea can keep on wearing it as a tunic.  Perfect for everyday play!

And lastly, your quick pattern details!


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