A Year of Dresses: Double Feature - Zee's Tee and Sugarplum Skirt

As promised I'm back from vacation and ready to roll out some fresh new posts for you!  Starting this week, the next four weeks will feature TDD style costumes.  This time of year Halloween is on a lot of minds and these costumes will be great for that, but they are equally as appropriate for themed birthday parties, school plays, or simply a girl who loves to dress up.  And, because they are made with Tie Dye Diva's practical, everyday patterns, these costumes can be worn much more than once and are appropriate for everyday too!

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Now, on to what you really are here for!  This week's costume is not an attempt to replicate an exact costume, instead it is designed to be an everyday style that is reminiscent of the original.  You know by now, that I am of course meaning the ever-so-popular Elsa from Disney's Frozen.  Without even attempting to replicate Elsa's infamous Ice Queen gown from the movie, I have instead created an outfit that everyone will recognize as a throw to Elsa,  Moms, you will love the quick and easy style that can be worn over and over again, even out in public.  And your girls will love dressing as Queen Elsa whether it's for Halloween, a birthday party, church, a Christmas party, or even just going to school.

I made this costume using two Tie Dye Diva Patterns.  The top is made from the brand new Zee's Tee (yep, it works for girls too!) and the skirt is the wonderful Sugarplum pattern.  Zee's Tee covers sizes 12 months through 11/12 while the Sugarplum Skirt has you covered from 6 months - 13/14.

First up, let's talk about Zee's Tee.  This is the first time I have made a tee for A Year of Dresses instead of embellishing a store bought one.  But, let me tell you, I love this pattern!  It is fast and easy, and sure to impress!  

As you no doubt know, Zee's Tee was a part of the Boy's Bundle UP pattern sale last week.  If you forgot to grab it during the sale, it will be available directly from Tie Dye Diva on September 10th.  Don't worry, this tee goes together in a hurry so definitely plenty of time to make one (or ten) before Halloween!

To make this tee for a girl, I suggest downsizing the width one size for a more feminine fit.  So for Sweet Pea I cut a 12-18 month width and 18-24 month length.

Now for fabrics....  The silver yoke and sleeves are made from confetti dot fabric.  If you've never sewn with it, don't be intimidated.  It is really quite easy on a project like this.  The dots are not actual sequins and can easily be sewn through.  I used a size 70 ballpoint needle and polyester thread with no problems.

The white body and neck band I cut from a tank top purchased on clearance  It is a polyester, 4 way stretch, rib knit.  I used the original hem on the tank and simply cut the shirt pieces about 5/8" shorter as directed in the pattern for up-cycling.

After sewing up my tee (in seriously, less than an hour) I decided to add a bit more of a feminine touch and hand sewed a ribbon flower and some sequins to the front.  This was one more little addition that made the top slightly more "Elsa-ish".  By adding the sequins and flower in a slight V at the center front I created a bit of a mock sweetheart neckline without having to alter the yoke pieces during construction.  I couldn't be happier with the final outcome.

Another thought, which I wish I had thought of earlier is to add a cape into the back yoke seam.  Have you ever noticed that Elsa's cape starts at the yoke seam on her dress?  Of course you have, you sew!
Disney Image

Add a cape with these simple steps:

Moving on to the skirt.

The skirt is a basic Sugarplum Skirt with out the bow added.  Sweet Pea is wearing it with an underskirt this time.  The only adjustment on the skirt is that I used a sheer snowflake overlay to drive home the Elsa look.

An overlay is a very easy adjustment.

This outfit is an incredibly quick sew!  I cut and sewed the skirt during nap time.  100%.  I then cut and finished Zee's Tee after the kids went to bed.  So, if it's October 30th and you still need a Halloween costume, this one has you covered!

I call this the "Let It Go" photo!

Here's your quick pattern rundown:

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