A Year of Dresses: Baby's Party Dress

Okay, you've caught me!  It's true I didn't actually sew this dress this week..., but I'm on vacation.  So instead of missing a week in A Year of  Dresses I pulled out a dress I made this spring but hadn't shown you.  Without further ado, I bring you Baby's Party Dress,

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Okay, now really, without further ado.... Baby's Party Dress is, well, for babies  in sizes 0 - 24 months.  It features vintage styled, short puffed sleeves; a gathered skirt; classic button back bodice; and sash with decorative bow.  This dress is one of those classic beauties that never gets old!  Do you get yet that I love it?

A quick disclaimer: because I made this dress last spring, it is actually getting quite short on Sweet Pea (that makes it even more vintage looking right?).  The dress really is designed to fall at the knee.

What can I say about this dress other than that it is a classic beauty!  I love the 60's style sleeves.  Don't let those adorable sleeves intimidate you.  Though they are small, you can trust that Jen's excellent instructions and color photos walk you through each step of the way, and you can count on a professional looking outcome.

I changed the bow just a touch on this dress from that given in the pattern just to change it up a bit (though I really like the one in the pattern better).  I made this bow using the faux bow method described in Jen's Removable Fabric Bow post.  To do this I cut the bow tail piece from Baby's Party Dress 4-6" longer than instructed and tied following Jen's instructions in the bow post.

I finished this dress with KAM Snaps instead of buttons also.  While I think buttons are better suited on this dress most of the time.  I am happy with the results.  In reality, I didn't have any appropriate buttons on hand so I pulled out the snaps instead.  I like the look of classic white with the navy pin-dot print though.  And really, does it get any easier than snaps?  I love how fast and easy they are, definitely a time saver!

While this dress is obviously suited to so many baby dress up occasions, weddings, holiday, baptisms, etc., I love seeing Sweet Pea play hard in her dresses wear them for everyday as well.  With that, I'm going to let the cuteness take you away (as the ship is taking me...)!

This face!
"How about pictures over here Mom.  |Let me move the chair for you."
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Here's your quick pattern rundown:

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