Seaside Sailor Sew-a-long Day 1: Preparing the Pattern

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Day 1: Preparing the Pattern (that's today)

Who's ready to sew a Seaside Sailor Dress?!?  Today is day one of our sew-a-long and I am so excited to get started.  If you haven't picked  up a pattern yet there is still time!  Head over to Tie Dye Diva on Craftsy and find the pattern on sale.  Don't worry if you're just now getting your pattern.  We don't actually start sewing until tomorrow!

Today's assignment will be mostly easy unless you are indecisive about fabric!

  1. Read through your pattern
  2. Select the size you will be making
  1. Print and prepare your pattern according to the pattern instructions on page 2.
  1. The last part of the assignment for today is choosing fabric!  

Photo Courtesy of That's So Addy

  1. Finally, please refrain from cutting until tomorrow!  I know it is difficult to wait, but I promise it will be worth it.  Tomorrow I will show you some more fun modifications to the pattern just for Sew-a-long participants that will effect your cutting!
If you are not already a member of the Tie Dye Diva Sewing Patterns Facebook Group head over and request to join.  An administrator will approve your request right away!  I have posted a daily thread on the group wall for Sew-a-long discussion.  Please ask your questions there so we are sure to see them and be able to respond as quickly as possible!

Make sure your scissors are sharp and pins are standing by, tomorrow we will cut out the dress and begin working on the collar!