That Aha Moment - Gutermann Thread

The wonderful thing about any hobby is there is always so much to learn. I am still learning sewing tips and tricks with every new project I undertake. A sewing friend of mine at Handmade Dress Haven just wrote a wonderful blog post about how our internet sewing community feels like a little village and we are all learning from each other. Most of us no longer have real life sewing circles or the ability to sit at Grandmother's knee, but we have the internet and we have each other.  Just yesterday I saw something on a sewing forum that surprised me so much I wanted to share it.

You know Gutermann thread? Those delicious, German-made, high quality spools lined up like juicy little jellybeans in the fabric shop? That stocked thread cabinet you know you covet every time you pass one in JoAnn Fabrics?

I love, love, love these little rainbow-hued nuggets of sewing goodness but don't love when I have a brand new spool and have to pick the thread end out of that little tight crevice at the bottom. With a pin, and usually sticking myself or fraying the end of the thread in the process.

Well, duh.

Did you know the bottom pops right off so you can access that thread end and even, if you're so inclined, tuck it back in there when you're done? Go on, give it a try. I felt like that chapter in Mrs. Piggle Wiggle's Magic when the kids find all the hidden cupboards and drawers in her upside-down house. This little hidden pleasure had been right there under my nose and I never knew it.

Thank you to Margo at The Climbing Tree for passing along this little trick - so happy to have you in my sewing village! You can visit The Climbing Tree Facebook page at and blog at