Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Instant Download for Etsy Shop PDFs !

I am so happy to have added instant download service for PDF patterns to the Tie Dye Diva etsy shop! Now while I sleep (or tote the kids to soccer practice, attend a school Board meeting, or have a party and dance with that lampshade on my head), patterns will be zipping on out to customers with no waiting! And don't we all love instant gratification? I know the feeling when you can't wait to get started sewing and now you don't have to (and, can it get better? Enjoy new lower prices too - go take a look)!

TDD pattern fans, this means you'll receive your etsy PDF pattern purchases within 2 to 5 minutes of purchase (except if you pay via Paypal "eCheck", then the pattern will dispatch when the payment clears). Your download link will be sent to your registered etsy email address. I have set my download options so that your links will be valid for 14 days or 3 downloads each, which ever comes first. So please be sure to download within the 14 day limit and be ready to save the files to your hard drive before you click the links. It's a good idea to back them up to a CD or other separate source as well in case you have a computer failure. (I know some customers use a security-enabled Dropbox for saving their patterns so they can download them again whenever they want).

I'm really excited about this huge time saver and I know other sellers of PDF patterns/digital files and customers everywhere will be too. Nighty Night!

TDD Ruffled Diaper Cover Pattern. Image by Butterfly Chaser Photography.

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Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

Thank you so much! You are a star! Ok .... must find the time to do this ASAP <3

Big hugs and Happy Sewing, Sarah xxx

Jennifer Prince said...

Hi Tie Dye Diva,

I'm curious if you can tell me how CraftHub handles multiple items attached to one sale. If someone purchases more than one pattern from you, does CraftHub deliver one email with several links to the buyer? I would love to know if this is a smooth process for the user. Many thanks, Jenny

Tie Dye Diva said...

A buyer gets one link whether they buy one pattern or many, then it takes them to a download page (that you can customize with thumbnail photos of the products and your banner) to download each one.

It took a little tweaking of my transmission email to get the process to go smoothly - anticipating questions and mistakes - but now the process goes smoothly for almost all customers. (Ex: download and backup to your hard drive because if you keep looking on your iPhone, you will use up download attempts; cut and paste the link if it is not clickable, etc.)

They have a FAQ section on their site and I know I saw a video demo floating around as well.