I know, I know, it's about time! Beginner's Guide to Tie Dye

If you've read anything about my shop, you probably know, I started out my online crafty endeavors selling my custom tie dye and hand-dyed playsilks and that's why my sewing pattern shop has a name that sounds like I just might be selling tie dye. In the 4 years since I began designing and selling Tie Dye Diva sewing patterns, I have had hundreds of hits to my blog and shop from people seeking "tie dye patterns" tie dye designs" "how to tie dye" and the like.

Well, I hate for people to go away disappointed! I have hung up my dye-splattered apron for good and am ready to share my tie dye techniques with you - for my most popular designs no less - the perfect boutique heart tie dye design and the "Best Friends" tie dye rainbow designs.

You can find this how-to tie dye tutorial in my newest PDF eBook, Dyeing Hearts and Rainbows the Diva Way. It's so much more than hearts and rainbows, though, it's a complete beginner's guide to getting started with the wonderful and addicting craft of tie dye.  You'll learn how to fold and dye that perfectly shaped heart and those bright rainbows, how to dye a solid background, how to control stray splatters and bleeds that might wreck your design, and how to cure and wash out for a bright, bold, long-lasting effect.

The eBook includes a design gallery of other designs you can tie dye once you learn the basic techiques taught for the heart and rainbow!  You can make all kinds of tie dye shapes - fish, cats, stars and more, and lots of awesome linear designs.

No-waiting instant download of this tutorial on my site at www.tiedyedivapatterns.com.

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