Time is Running Out ... Quick Gifts to Sew

My sewing list for Christmas is thankfully getting shorter, though I have to admit, I keep finding wonderful craft and sewing patterns that I just have to try, so my list is two items down, one item up. I will have to press my hands over my eyes and sing LA LA LA LA so I don't see anymore projects I just have to make.

In case your eyes are open and your ears are unstopped and you're still looking for fast Christmas gifts to sew, try these:

1. My Free How to Make a Petal Tee tutorial. I made my flowers with a die cut machine, but you could cut them by hand and still follow the tute. I'm making one for my Mom. Materials: two tees, one of which fits your giftee. Time required: an evening.

2. Fleece Hat in a Flash! For men and women, boys and girls, babies and ... uh. more babies. All sizes from newborn to Adult XL, and they each take only 30 minutes including a pretty fleece flower (pattern included) or pom pom (yup, I tell you how to do that too.). Materials: 1/3 yard fleece makes 2 XL hats. Time required: 30 minutes per hat.

3. Peas in a Pod Plush Toy. Great for infants through preschoolers. Sew it yourself or give a gift of the Peas in a Pod Sewing Kit that contains everything but the stuffing. Materials: 1/2 yard fleece, Sport/Parka Zipper (you can find ones I custom ordered for this project in my etsy shop), polyfill stuffing, embroidery thread for features, optional craft squeaker, craft rattle, and crinkle material (again, I've got you covered, inexpensive noisemaker kit in my etsy shop). Time: 2-3 hours depending on experience.

4. Lavender sachets. No pattern needed, just cut a few squares of your favorite fabric, sew 3 sides, pour in some lavender flowers, sew up the remaining side, and pink the edges with pinking shears. I 'grow my own' but this etsy seller has reasonably priced lavender blossoms that I have used when my own stash is used up. Put them under a pillow, in a drawer, even in the dryer. Materials: scrap fabric, lavender blossoms. Time: In 30 minutes, you could probably make 5 or 6 or more.

Other patterns to make quick gifts: Clothespin carrying bag for your crunchy friends or your grandma, Cute Christmas Ornaments for your friend the kawaii/amigurumi fan, quick pillow covers to match the decor of anyone you know. Or, there's always Amazon Prime.

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