NEW PDF Sewing Patterns by tiedyediva!

So many new patterns, and so little blogging, I am sorry! I've been so busy with new patterns since the last post, I couldn't possibly catch up for fear of hogging all the country's bandwidth but want to highlight two of the newest that are great for holidays near and (not so) far.

Halloween is coming! We've got your costume hats. How to Sew Fun Fleece Animal Hats Vol. 2 - known affectionately in house as "Revenge of Fun Fleece Hats". Now you can sew a Bumble Bee hat with antennae, or use the same pattern to make a Ladybug hat or Alien Hat - my favorite custom order this year was a Star Trek Andorian Hat, all in aqua blue. The same pattern provides complete instructions and printable patterns for the popular Dinosaur hat/Monster hat and the super fun and almost pukey-cute Chicken Hat. You can also make a plain bomber-style hat with pom pom top. All have chinstraps with velcro so they stay on and your little ones stay warm.

What's more, you can combine the 'ears' from Fun Fleece Animal Hats Vol. 1 with the Volume 2 bomber style and make a Rabbit, Cat, Bear, or Devil/Cow Hat too.

Moving onward...

Christmas is coming too. You heard it here first. Remember those cute lil' peas I made for my son a few months ago? After watching him play with it day after day, week after week, it occurred to me it would be a great pattern to share, especially for those who want to sew a little gift! How to Sew Three Peas in a Pod Plush Toy shows you how to sew the peapod with zipper (we show you how to sew in the zipper, even if you've never done it before) and the three little peas, which optionally have a craft rattle, squeaker, and crinkle material inside. If you have trouble finding the noisemakers, I have them for sale in an inexpensive kit in my etsy shop.

This makes a wonderful developmental toy - babies are stimulated by cause-and-effect of the noisemakers and can learn to zip and unzip the zipper - great for the 'object permanence' learning phase - now you see it ... now it's gone from the face of the earth. Oh! What?! It's not??!! Amazing!

And if you really wanted to see all the new patterns and things I've been up to, please feel free to visit our Facebook Fan page or my etsy shop, tiedyediva.

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