How to Sew a (BIGGER) Clothespin Carrier!

I was asked recently by a pattern customer if I could make our clothespin carrier pattern larger for people who have larger families and therefore, more clothespins! It's so easy, I am happy to share it here.

This tutorial uses my eBook pattern How to Sew a Handy Clothespin Carrier, available in my etsy downloadble sewing eBook pattern shop

Begin by printing the printable pattern included with the instructional eBook. Before assembling Piece 1A and 1B, however, place them on another blank piece of printer paper with the right-hand edges of the pattern aligned with the edge of the paper beneath.

Separate the two pieces - here I have separated them 4 inches, which will make the carrier 2 inches deeper. You don't want to make it too deep or you won't be able to reach the pins at the bottom of the bag. Tape them down to the piece of paper beneath.

Use a ruler and pen to connect the "Cut on Fold" edge of the pattern.

Then cut it out and proceed with the instructions as usual - that's all there is to it! Carry on!

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