If you are offended by early Christmas offerings don't read this until Friday

I am that person who is always freezing when everyone else is just fine. The one who, when you take my hand in church, or when I touch you when passing the bread, makes you exclaim loudly, "Your hands are so cold!" I love the sun and suck it up like a lizard. Christmas is the only thing that gets me through the long dark days of Winter, so indulge me in starting a few days early.

Fleece Santa hats in the etsy house! Learn how to sew your own Santa hat with our step by step, full-color photo PDF instructions and pattern, or I'll do it for you for $12 ($14 for cow-print). Custom colors, up to three per hat (for the hat, band, and pom pom). Pick team colors and wear it all through the cold season.

Why spend $14 on a Santa hat when you can get one at your Dollar store for a buck? This is a warm, functional, cozy cap, machine washable, and made from quality anti-pill fleece. Most sizes will last until next season or several seasons to come (sizes are 0-3 months; 3-12 months; 1-3 years; 2-6 years; 4-8 years). It's custom made just for you in the colors you request. Best of all, it's handmade with love and care right here in California, not in some factory overseas. Thank you for supporting handmade!

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