Pudgy Bunny

How cute are these fleece bunnies? They come together quickly and are totally addictive to make. The pink one's inner ear is from my all-time favorite fabric, Michael Miller's Carnival Bloom. I tried making the tail from a floral motif from the fabric also, but it wound up looking like the rabbit was trying to pass a cyclops, eyeball first.

I am already thinking of the next one I will make, eyeing some green silky fur I had set aside for another project, or maybe I will make one entirely from Carnival Bloom, if I can bear to cut into my last yard of it. You can find the pattern at YouCanMakeThis.com. I only wish the kids hadn't caught me making them, they would have been perfect for the Easter basket.

(Now, am I the only one that had a big brother who would pinch your cheeks together and make you say "pudgy bunny"? I thought so.)