The news you've been dye-ing to read

I had another item on the front page of etsy! I don't mean to toot my own horn, and actually, I'm not, because the skillful aqua-and-brown stylings of curator TheVintageZoo get the credit. Thanks for including me, 'Zoo! What's even better, the item sold.

I had my own website for almost 2 years but closed it a few weeks ago. I sold dozens and dozens of heart tee shirts in those years but am now winding down the dyed-to-order part of my business by dyeing only the sizes and styles I have left - I can't believe I am down to 2 short sleeved tees! If you are in the market for a girl's 4/5 tie dye, here's your chance.

My other interesting tie dye news ... I've been contacted to dye a chuppa for a Jewish wedding! How totally fun!