It's a tie dye day!

I use several different methods to create my various hand-dyed designs. For my silks, I use small vats and fully immerse the fabric. You can see a photo of some of my dye buckets in an earlier post. For tees and other designs with multiple colors on one garment or fabric, I usually use the tie dye method - which is just what is sounds like, first you tie the garment, then you dye it. I use squirt bottles of more concentrated dyes to achieve these designs. Most of the traditional tie dye you see ... spirals, rainbows, hearts, etc., are done with this method.
Today I'm dyeing up some recent orders, having already prewashed, tied, and soaked them in soda ash to raise the pH of the fibers. I've mixed up my dyes (don't they look lovely today?) and am ready to put dye to fabric. It's a great sunny day, meaning, I can cure them outside in the California sunshine. What more can I say, it's a good day to dye!