Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mending Day - Bye Bye UFOs!

My "mending basket" is so full of UFOs (UnFinished Objects) that I have to sort them by type - clothing, pattern samples, household items, gifts... Last year as the holidays approached and it became clear all my enthusiastic holiday sewing was not going to come to completion, I created a sub-bag of "Christmas UFOs". With so much time ahead of me, I'd finish them up by June and move on to other things, right?



But I actually tackled all three things in that bag today and am feeling great. First I finished the Leopard Santa envelope pillow that has a pieced back because I didn't want to waste any of that darn cute HoHoHo Santa fabric from Hobby Lobby, it's one of my favorites. (And back in stock last I checked).

These are mostly made with my easy Envelope Pillow pattern. The adorable peppermint candy pillow is a Jo-Ann craft tutorial.

Then I ripped and re-sewed the upside-down clips on my holiday card holder. Here they are ready for holiday cards to arrive, looking really pathetic actually!

Soon they will look like this pic I took last year, and this year I have six instead of five so maybe we won't need to double two cards up on one clip this year.

The card holder was a Martha Stewart magazine craft from 11 or 12 years ago that I modified. Basically it's just lengths of ribbon with gold binder clips sewn to them at 7" and 11" intervals (to accommodate vertical and horizontal cards).

Finally, there's little Rudolph the No-Eyed Reindeer. I searched and searched for some kind of circle punch or die for my Big Shot that would cut felt into small enough perfect circles for the eyes and didn't find one so I broke down and cut them by hand.

He's from my Fleece Christmas Ornaments pattern. (Didja notice my pretty pincushion that I won a few months ago? Of course you did.)

How much time did all this take me? About an hour and a half. What took me so long? Might have to open up that Easter UFO bag next.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tie Dye Diva Patterns - Designer Spotlight!

I'm putting my spotlight on these fabulous designers who sew from Tie Dye Diva patterns! I picked a couple of year-round styles this time; next Designer Spotlight will celebrate warm-weather styles because though I'm wrapped up in my scarf and typing with my fingerless fleece gloves on, I know summer in Australia is just around the corner!

Warming up with this set by A Paisley Peony because it's so "what's hot" right now! I am seeing peacock hues everywhere and I love how the designer is utilizing the year-round versatility of the Miss Muffet Twirl skirt Pattern by doing it up in those to-die-for babycords! You can find the listing in her shop here.

Do I love Squid Kid Shop's Paris-inspired baby and girl dresses made from the Big Bow Dress pattern (sans bow)? Mais oui! How cute would these be as jumper dresses over with tights and shiny black boots? Check out Kristina's Facebook fan page at the link.

Sweet perfection shines in these pretty peasant tops made by Bewbear from the Tie Dye Diva Peasant Tops Pattern! Jenn sews them up for you in long or short sleeves and all sizes.

Katrina's keeping it cute, trendy and warm with fleece hats for everyone made with Fleece Hat in a Flash Pop on over to Popp N Chic to see her great selection of fleece hats for everyone, and tons of other nicely-made goodies in awesome fabrics.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart to everyone who sews with my patterns, I'm so grateful and love seeing what you've made. Come on over to the Tie Dye Diva Facebook Fan Page if you sell designs sewn from Tie Dye Diva Patterns (and give credit to my patterns in your listing/tag my page from your photo) and would like to be included in a future Designer Spotlight!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Weight I've Gained Due to Pinterest

Had to share these! Finally had the rainy, cozy, cookie-making kind of day I've been waiting for to make these Chocolate Chip Pretzel cookies I saw on Six in the Suburbs via Pinterest.

Oh my sweet, crunchy, soft, salty goodness...this is the kind of cookie to make you pour some sweet cold milk into Grandma's Desert Rose glasses and take a plate into the den with a good book. I skipped the salt on top because it seemed like it would gild the lily, but next time, I think I'll try them exactly as written.