It's Not SCARY: Shirring

Let's pull the mask off some "scary" techniques in these days leading up to Halloween!

Shirring is just sewing with elastic thread in the bobbin,  Simple straight lines and you'll be shirring away!  It's a fun technique that adds lots of extra options to your Tie Dye Diva or other sewing patterns. Tie Dye Diva's Peasant Top, Belle Peasant Dress, and Coral Dress patterns are great for shirring and all include a full shirring tutorial right in the pattern.

Shirring can be used in place of elastic casings on necklines or sleeves or leg casings.

Here the sleeves of the Belle Peasant Dress
pattern have been finished with shirring
Here the neckline of the Peasant Top is gathered with shirring
On this Easy Peasy Peasant shirring has been used at the bicep.

Or use it to make a fitted bodice such as the Coral Dress.

Shirring is also a great way to easily change up the look of many patterns.  Try adding two inches the the hem of the TDD Peasant Top, omitting the ruffle, and adding several rows of shirring to the hem instead.  You will create a brand new looking bubble top!

Ready to give shirring a try?  IT'S NOT SCARY! Read these Tie Dye Diva blog posts for a full shirring tutorial and extra tips and tricks:

So, put on your superhero mask, load up that machine with some elastic thread, and go for it! And check back for more Tie Dye Diva "It's Not Scary" posts this week leading up to Halloween! 

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