Hey Girl, how about some free fabric? We have a meme contest WINNER!

Thanks to everyone who entered the make-a-meme contest! I've made a Pinterest board with all the entries for your viewing pleasure here: TDD Meme Contest Entries on Pinterest.  We had great entries!

Congratulations to these winners who submitted original, funny memes!

Gina C. wins the prize package of Snow Day by Maude Asbury for Blend Fabric and the Hey Girl journal. LOVE IT!

I just love the idea of Tie Dye Diva pattern names coming out of Tim Gunn's mouth ... sigh ...
And I pulled a runner-up because I couldn't help myself giggling over this one. Congratulations Elaine L.! I've got a little goodie to send you too.

Winners, contact me through the blog 'contact me' button to the left, Tie Dye Diva Facebook fan page or group, or Tie Dye Diva website.