A Year of Dresses: Stripwork Fairytale Dress

My favorite part of sewing is being able to create something new.  Sometimes that's simply following a wonderful Tie Dye Diva pattern. Other times it's taking wonderful elements from one pattern and mix it up for a brand new creation.  That's exactly what I've done this week. I have used the Fairytale Dress Pattern as my base but created a very different skirt.  It looks entirely new!  Gathered skirts are probably the easiest element of a dress to modify.  I'll show you today how to make your very own Stripwork Fairytale.

The Fairytale Dress pattern includes sizes 12-18 months through size 5, but, when  you purchase directly from the Tie Dye Diva website you also receive bonus sizes 6/6X and 7/8. The Fairytale dress is incredibly versatile. It is great layered with a Peasant Top or tee, but is also perfectly suited to wearing as a strappy sundress.  The reverse know style provides a flexible fit that can grow with the wearer, that means it fits longer! This pattern is rated for advanced beginner level seamstresses because of the buttonholes used to lace the front and tie the straps through on the back, Though buttonholes are the nicest finish on this pattern, instructions are included for a no buttonhole version also.  I'd encourage you to venture into the world of buttonholes if you've never tried them.  Once you are familiar with your machine, they really are not difficult!

Alright, let's modify this pattern!  Begin by making the bodice exactly as directed in the pattern.

Now let's make the skirt.  It's helpful to have a notepad and pen handy to jot down some numbers.

Your skirt is done!  Now let's add it to the bodice and your Stripwork Fairytale dress will be done. Gather the top edge using your favorite gathering method (I use two basting threads) and sew to the bottom of your bodice, right sides together. Finish this seam, press towards the bodice, and topstitch. Now finish your dress by tying the laces according to the pattern instructions,

Forgive the bow coming undone, I think I'll add a stitch to keep it tied!
There you have it, a Stripwork Fairytale dress to brighten your spring wardrobe.  Sweet Pea thought it was the perfect dress for a pretend picnic!

Here's your quick pattern rundown:

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