A Year of Dresses: Perfect A-Line

This week's dress, as it's name says, is, well, perfect.  I've shown you one version of the Perfect A-Line dress pattern before, this time though, I've made it just for fall.  The Perfect A-Line pattern makes a fabulous jumper.  I love layering it with a tee and tights for that perfect little girl look.

This pattern comes in both baby and girls sizes.  The baby pattern includes five sizes covering 0-24 months; the girls pattern also includes five sizes from 2-6 years.  The Perfect A-line is a great project for seamstresses of every sewing level.  It is truly a beginner level pattern with big bang results.  It is a reversible dress, so you get two looks in one.  It is also a quick sew, easily done in an evening.  Put those together and you have two dresses in the span of one evening.  Fabulous!

I used Jen's amazing Free Gathered Pocket Pattern and Tutorial again (you may have seen this A-line I also made).  Really, this pocket is AMAZING.  It adds that little extra touch to so many TDD patterns.  Try it on a Butterfly Dress, Easy Peasy Peasant, Fair and Square, Storybook Pinafore, and, of course, Perfect A-line.   And what girl doesn't like pockets?  Sweet Pea loves being able to stash goodies in pockets!

Perfect place to carry her baby doll!
For this dress I decided to switch it up and put just one pocket on the chest.  I love that it helps break up the busy floral and pulls the pink tee in perfectly!

I once again used KAMsnaps on the shoulders.  I had all intentions of sewing buttons and buttonholes this time, but my machine decided to act up.  So, I decided it wasn't worth the hassle....bring out the snaps!  I've heard a lot of questions on how to get nice smooth curves on the straps when turning.  I addressed that in my last Perfect A-Line Year of Dresses Post, so be sure to check it out!

Don't you just love how versatile this pattern is?  It works for every season. Can be embellished in endless ways.  It's a perfect canvas for creativity!  It is my favorite pattern for using a holiday themed print with a generic print on the reverse side because after the holidays it can keep being worn.  Embellishments are numerous: add pockets, embroider, add a ruffle.  Wear as a sundress, layer with Sterling Leggings or tights, add a short or long sleeve tee for warmth, dress it up with a cardigan...shall I continue?   Here are 4 dresses, 5 looks (only one was intended as reversible) and each different!

The Christmas side.  
And reverse, perfect for everyday!

With a Tuxedo Ruffle

Two Pockets

One Chest Pocket
Each one is completely different because of the fabric used, the little extra details added, and how it's worn (sundress, short sleeve tee and leggings, long sleeve tee and tights).  Have I mentioned I love this pattern!? On a totally unrelated note...do you see how much my baby has grown since last Christmas! 

And just because she was having a great time with the leaves, I leave you with these:

Here's your quick pattern rundown:

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