A Year of Dresses: Diva Collection #3, The Ruby Ruffles Skirt

This week we take a break from our regularly scheduled program to bring you a sneak peak at the brand new Diva Collection Pattern #3: The Ruby Ruffles Skirt.   I know I say it every time, but this skirt is truly spectacular!  I really cannot express enough how sweet it is in person!

Okay, enough gushing, you want the details!  Ruby Ruffles pattern has extended sizes that keep girls covered from 12 months up through tween/teens size 13/14.  That's 11 sizes!  Sweet Pea rocks it out in size 18-24 month, but let me tell you it looks amazing on big girls too.  The sewing level is advanced beginner but an ambitious beginner should be able to master this too.  It really is a simple pattern and as always Jen's instructions are detailed and wonderful.  If you can gather (or are willing to learn), you can make this skirt.

Everything about this skirt is what you know and love about both Tie Dye Diva and the Diva Collection.  Ruby Ruffles is full of frill and fun because of course Diva Collection Patterns are a little more full, have a little more flair, and are a little more FUN! But in keeping with Tie Dye Diva style it is also straight forward and practical.

Do not be intimidated by these beautiful ruffles.  Ruby Ruffles truly is a skirt that is much quicker and easier than it may initially look.  In between distractions, I'd say that this skirt from printing to finished probably only took 3 1/2 hours, and I know that it would be quicker a second time (which I most definitely plan to do soon).  The skirt is made up of five layers of ruffles and a waistband.  The ruffles are attached to an a-line base.  This is key!  Because the a-line base provides the shape for the skirt, the ruffles do not have to.  Therefore the ruffles can be a little less full without sacrificing looks.  While keeping the great shape and full ruffled look you save both time and money with less gathering of less fabric.  For my 18-24 month skirt I used less than 1 1/4 yards of fabric total.  Because the ruffles aren't unnecessarily full, the skirt is also less heavy for girls to wear.  Sweet Pea, as you know, is quite skinny with a baby shape, no hips or bum to hold things up.  She had no problems with this skirt slipping down at all.  It stayed right where it belonged even when twirling until she fell down!

The ruffles on the skirt can all be finished with a rolled hem on your serger.  I love how quick and easy a rolled hem is and it still looks professional.  But as you know and love, TDD patterns never require a serger.  Jen also tells you how to make a folded hem instead.

I made this skirt out of beautiful quilting cottons, and I must say, I couldn't be happier with the outcome.  I love the bright colors paired with black.  It will be perfect for fall and winter!  But, there are so many more possibilities with this skirt too.  Ombre or rainbow colors in solid cotton would be adorable.  I can't wait to make a crushed taffeta skirt with tulle tucked behind the ruffles for a holiday skirt.  How about lace ruffles on a satin base?  Or try all tulle ruffles for a tutu look.  Cream eyelet lace on cotton for a shabby chic look....  Really, there are endless possibilities!

Now, the information I know you're dying for...When can you buy it!?!  Ruby Ruffles skirt will be available to purchase from Tie Dye Diva the first of next week.  Mark your calendars, set your alarms, you won't want to miss this one!

You know what's left, here's your pattern highlights:

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