A Year of Dresses: Sugarplum Skirt and Reverse Applique Tee Tutorial

Merry Christmas....in August!  If you are planning ahead to the busy holiday season then this is the post for you.  If you saw Jen's wine gift bag tutorial earlier this week then you've had a sneak peak of what is coming today.  This week I have the privileged of showing you Treelicious by Maude Asbury for Blend Fabrics. This collection is fun, whimsical, and filled with bright colors.  Perfect for every little girl's holiday wardrobe.

Blend Fabrics courtesy photo
And what pattern could be more perfectly suited to this fun collection than The Sugarplum Skirt? It is the perfect holiday skirt with a flat front waistband and large eye catching bow.  While it was designed with special occasion fabric in mind, it is also wonderful made from cotton.  The Sugarplum Skirt has the largest size range of any Tie Dye Diva pattern including 12 sizes from 6 months up to 14!  The pattern also includes a wonderful tulle underskirt for that extra special poof.  I chose not to add it to my cotton skirt this time, but I love the option.

With these fun whimsical cottons I chose to mix it up a little and make a contrasting waistband and bow for my skirt.  I really love the finished product!

Sweet Pea, as you know, is a tall skinny minnie who's height is all in her torso.  I compared the skirt length between the 18-24 and 2T taking into consideration that I wanted to to still fit come Christmas time.  I decided to go with an 18-24 month length because her legs are on the short side even though her height puts her in the 2T size range.  Speaking of skinny, her waist is still solidly in the 12-18 month range.  So, this skirt has the width of a 12-18 month with the length of an 18-24 month.

When sitting down to sew the skirt I realized I didn't have any 1/2" elastic needed for the waist....  It has been on of 'those' weeks at my house and there was no way I was going out to get some!  So instead of the one row of 1/2" elastic required in the pattern I used two rows of 3/8" elastic.  It made the elastic a little wider in back, 3/4" total width instead of 1/2", but it fit in the width of the back waist band and I am happy with the result.  To use 3/8" elastic simply sew your elastic casings at 1/2" intervals instead of the 5/8" instructed in the pattern.

I used the Faux Bow Tutorial for my bow on this skirt, but modified it a little to make it an appropriate size for a toddler skirt.  If you want to make a smaller faux bow follow Jen's tutorial but cut your bow strip 6.5" x 28" and cut your bow center 4" x 3".  When folding my bow I made the loops 3" wide instead of 3.5".

To go with this adorable Sugarplum skirt I made a super simple but cute reverse applique tee.  I mentioned it has been one of 'those' weeks. One of those where family takes priority and I didn't have a lot of time to devote to sewing.  So I knew I needed a quick idea that would still be adorable.  This tee certainly came through for me!  It took maybe 30 minutes from start to finish.

Just a few simple steps and you can have an easy reverse applique tee too. Pre-wash your tee before starting to make sure it is shrunk.

  1. First you must forgive the terrible shadow on some of these pictures....remember, it's been one of 'those' weeks...
  2. Start by drawing your desired shape (or find a picture to copy). I used a tree similar to those on my main fabric.  I free-handed this, and believe me I am no drawing expert.  If I can do this, you can too! 
  3. Fuse interfacing to the back of a scrap of fabric at least 1/2" larger than your chosen shape all the way around.   
  4. Trim your fabric to be similar to the shape of your finished cut out and finish the edges.  I  serged around mine.
  5. Trace your exact shape onto the interfacing side of your fabric.  This will be your stitching line.
  6. Mark the center of your tee, I ironed a crease, and place your fabric right side facing the wrong side of your tee.  Glue in place.  I used a washable glue stick.  Wash Away Wonder Tape or a couple pins would also work.
    You can't see my stitching line in this picture, but it's there!
  7. Now stitch around your design.  Use a ball point needle and polyester thread for durability.  I stitched with a stretch stitch and stitched around twice for boldness and strength.  A narrow, close zig zag stitch would also work well.
  8. Almost done!  Turn your tee right side out and and carefully cut away the tee about 1/4" from the stitching line.  If your design has points as mine does, clip into the points close to the stitching.  The knit will curl with the first washing.
    Before clipping
    After clipping
  9. Add a few embellishments if desired and you are done! 

I love the final outcome of this outfit.  It is fun and cute as well as practical.  It will be great for everyday (thank you cotton) but adorable for all the parties that come up and pictures with Santa as well. While I am usually a traditionalist, I love the pink and green colorway in this Treelicious collection.  It is perfect for my girly girl!

Here's your quick pattern rundown:

This fabric was generously provided to me by Blend Fabrics, but all opinions are my own.