A Year of Dresses: Fairytale Dress Pattern

Here we are at the end of August already!  Where has the summer gone?  School may be back in  full swing, but our weather is still warm, so before moving on to fall styles next week, I have to share the Fairytale Dress with you.

This pattern was one of my first Tie Dye Diva patterns, purchased before I knew Jen personally.  I love the handkerchief hem and adjustable straps with a bow in the back.  The Fairytale Dress pattern includes sizes 12-18 months through size 5 with a bonus top length pattern for sizes 6 through 8.

Once again Sweet Pea is wearing an 18-24 month dress and yes, it is quite short on her. But, remember that bonus top length pattern?  I plan to add Sterling leggings underneath and keep wearing this one for a bit longer.  Have you noticed those leggings have made an appearance in three of the last four Year of Dresses posts? That's because they are awesome and such a great staple item!

The Fairytale dress makes this Momma happy in it's ability to adapt to all seasons too.  I  love it as a sundress, but it is equally cute layered with a Peasant Top for extra warmth.  Sweet Pea definitely wore this for professional pictures (ahem...last spring...I promise next week will be brand new) and I loved the outcome!

Here we were trying out the outfit at home.
See it's proper length?
You might have noticed my one change to this pattern. Do I ever completely follow the directions.....?   Sometimes I do, but one of the beauties of sewing is the ability to adapt to your preferences or situation.  This time I decided to omit the front laces and have a plain bodice.  Because the laces aren't necessary for dressing, just pretty, this is a super easy change to make.  When preparing your pattern simply draw a line on the bodice piece 1/2" in from the center front.  When cutting, place your front bodice piece on the fold of your fabric aligning  your newly marked line with the fold. Now you have a solid front bodice piece.  This is a great option when you're short on sewing time because you eliminate the need for buttonholes down the front.

The straps on this dress are free in the back and loop through buttonholes (or loops if you prefer). Tie them in a bow for a beautiful back view. This makes the straps fully adjustable for a wider fit range.  When layering a top underneath leave the straps a little longer to accommodate the bulk; when wearing as a sundress  pull  the straps a little shorter for a higher neckline and armholes.

I love the unique handkerchief hem on this dress. Layer fun fabrics or keep it simple as I did.  And in case you're wondering, yes, it twirls!

Halloween costumes will be coming in full force next week, I have four fabulous and diverse costumes planned for you, but I have to through out some ideas for the Fairytale dress too.  Made in red and white like this I always think of an adorable Little Red Riding Hood costume.  It also makes a cute girly witch made in green or purple and black, definitely add the front laces for that on.  Tinkerbell anyone? The Fairytale Dress has you covered.  If you are feeling adventurous experiment with costume satin and glitter chiffon.

Now for your quick pattern info: