Double your Fun with Big Bow Top and Dress! Free Add-on Tutorial For Big Bow Top and Dress Pattern by Tie Dye Diva

Big Bow Dress by Eggo in the Oven
You might be familiar with the Big Bow Dress and Top pattern, it’s been a TDD standby for more than 2 years. You might also have suffered a burned finger or two when hemming the bow! You see, in testing, I tried out a double-sided, no-hemming-needed bow, but I wasn’t happy with the way it draped, or rather, didn’t drape. So I went with the hemmed bow, which looks gorgeous and also saves fabric. The bow in the gorgeous photo above by Eggo in the Oven (which also shows what a lovely jumper it makes for cooler weather!) features the hemmed bow.

Recently I started seeing adorable photos by clever customers like Raenita at That’s SoAddie with the bow double-sided. See how cute it looks if you give the ends a twist so you can see both fabrics?

Dress and Photo by That's So Addie
I wondered if maybe I didn’t give the double-sided bow enough of a chance, and had a few folks test it out this way. What do you know, it is super cute and the drape is just fine! Particularly, if you cut it on the bias, it drapes nicely and saves you from having to hem. It does take quite a bit more fabric - if you are using two fabrics you'll need about 1/2 yard of each in order to fit it in on the bias. 

Dress with bias-cut double sided bow, by Katz Kids
Dress with on-grain double sided bow by Abby's Blessings
So, now you can use whichever method you like: the hemmed bow instructions in the PDF pattern, or this quick tutorial showing you an alternate method of making the bow, by making it double-sided. The pattern has been updated to add the link to this tutorial.

How to Make a Double-Sided Bow on the Big Bow Dress and Top.

To make the bow double-sided, make 4 simple changes to the original pattern.                                                                                                                                           
Change #1: Cutting the Fabric 2b, top of page 3. Use two different fabrics so that the back of the bow will be a different fabric than the front. Cut 2 (one reversed) from each fabric, and cut them on the bias so they have will have a nice drape.

An easy way to find the perfect bias for this piece is to align the angled end of the bow with the selvedge of your fabric, as you see in the photo.

Change #2: Cutting the Fabric 2c, page 3. Cut the bow center 3.25” x 3” instead of the given measurements. This will give you just a little more room in the loop to fit the extra layer of bow fabric.
Change #3: Prepare the Bow Pieces (page 4). Lay the bow pieces from your two different fabrics right sides together. Sew around three edges using a ½” seam allowance. Leave the short straight end open for turning.

Clip the corners, turn right side out and press, then topstitch the same three sides.

Change #4: sewing the bow center (top of page 5). When folding the bow center in half be sure to press across the slightly shorter side so that when folded, it measures 1.5" x 3.25", and then you'll sew down the 3.25" length.

Complete the dress or top per the instructions.

Hold your finished garment up with your unburned fingers and admire your Big Bow Dress or Top with its fancy double-sided bow! 

top-length with double-sided bias cut bow by Molly Blossom
The Big Bow Dress and Top pattern includes full cutting instructions for creating a dress or top length, hemmed, ruffle, or banded finish, and is available for all sizes 0-3 months through 8 years. It makes a pretty sun dress or top and a darling jumper layered over a tee and leggings. You can find it at .