Sewing Tutorial: Snazzy Pants to Roll Up Pants

The best way to get value for your PDF pattern dollar is to buy versatile patterns. Choose patterns that you can use with a variety of fabrics for different seasons, add and subtract design elements to and from, and wear layered with other clothing. My Snazzy Pants pattern for kids is a great example! With pocket and hem finishes for boys and girls, step-by-step instructions for lengthening or shortening, and the flexibility to be made from anything from seersucker to corduroy, it's a great year-round pick. Here's a little something more to do with your Snazzy Pants pattern - make them into roll-up beach pants! It only takes a few minutes.

You'll need:
Step A: After you have cut your pants pieces, mark the wrong side of each Front piece along the outseam at the dashed "Lengthen or Shorten Here" line for the size you are making. I am making size 3T, so I am marking at the yellow dashed line. Make your line at least 1" long.

Step B: Complete the pattern through Step 1, including pressing the seam toward the back of the pants. If you look really carefully at the finished photo up top, you'll see I added some faux flat-felled seam stitching to be fancy. If you want to do that too, do it now. Then set the pants pieces aside.

Step C: Form each tab by pressing both short ends of your 5" x 3.5" piece under 1/4".

Press in half widthwise to form a crease and unfold.

Press each long edge to the center crease.

Press in half.  Topstitch all the way around the tab and buttonhole one end.

Step D: With the wrong side of your joined front and back pants piece facing up, align the top edge of the tab (the end without the buttonhole) with the mark you made in Step A above. Stitch a narrow box shape to secure the tab. You won't see these stitches when the pants are rolled and buttoned, but you will see them if the pants are worn unrolled, so be sure you are OK with the color.

Step E: Sew a button on the right (outward-facing) side of the pants on the center seam, centered in the box of stitches you sewed.

That's it! Proceed with the pattern and wear 'em rolled up or not as you wish!

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