Taking down the lights

Well I'm embarrassed to have neglected my blog for so long - the last post was in December, and now I feel like that annoying neighbor who always keeps their Christmas lights up until Spring.

It's Frugal February here, the month in which we don't spend except a fixed amount on groceries and our recurring bills like mortgage, etc. and that always means a lot of handmade. Lots of sewing, crafting and good old home cooking going on! I have an admitted Little House on the Prairie fixation anyway so I'm in my element.

Some of the cooking highlights have been chocolate cake (the best I've ever had, and I made it myself!), peanut butter and lemonade from our home-grown lemons (heat 1 cup sugar in 1 cup water until dissolved, add 1 cup lemon juice, then dilute to taste with about 3 to 4 cups of water).

Sewing highlights have been flannel lounge pants for my big kids (no pattern, just winged it), training pants for my little guy made with a modified version of this underwear pattern for kids and a brand new ironing board cover (using this tutorial) from Sandi Henderson's Ginger Blossom fabric.
I've been a busy little patternmaker since the last post also. New PDF patterns include a ruffle fabric newborn cocoon pattern. These are gorgeous photography props and are easy to sew, even if you've never sewed with pre-ruffled fabric.

I can't resist adding a few more photos from that pattern, they are all so amazing.
Photo by EMA Photography
Image by Butterfly Chaser Photography
Image by Butterfly Chaser Photography
Image by EMA Photography
Then December's sewing flurry left me with a lot of fabric scraps! The Easy Sew Fabric Gift Card Holder is a quick project for using up those random scraps and the largest scrap you'll need is 6" x 4.5".

It's an easy way to add some class to giving gift cards, and, your gift card recipient will appreciate having the handy holder for credit cards or business cards long after the original gift card has been used up.

Most recently, I released a flutter-sleeved dress pattern for girls. It's a really sweet style and fun to sew because there is a lot of opportunity to mix and match fabrics. Right now it's available in sizes 2 through 8 and I'm working on baby sizes now for release later this month. You can pop on over to the Tie Dye Diva Patterns Facebook Fan Page for a peek at the baby sizes, the photos are so adorable.

Image by Peekaboo Photos
It's got adorable flutter sleeves, a curved bodice,  and a no-buttonholing-needed back closure.

Whew! So that's why my lights were still up. Now forward to Spring!

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