Monday, July 25, 2011

I know, I know, it's about time! Beginner's Guide to Tie Dye

If you've read anything about my shop, you probably know, I started out my online crafty endeavors selling my custom tie dye and hand-dyed playsilks and that's why my sewing pattern shop has a name that sounds like I just might be selling tie dye. In the 4 years since I began designing and selling Tie Dye Diva sewing patterns, I have had hundreds of hits to my blog and shop from people seeking "tie dye patterns" tie dye designs" "how to tie dye" and the like.

Well, I hate for people to go away disappointed! I have hung up my dye-splattered apron for good and am ready to share my tie dye techniques with you - for my most popular designs no less - the perfect boutique heart tie dye design and the "Best Friends" tie dye rainbow designs.

You can find this how-to tie dye tutorial in my newest PDF eBook, Dyeing Hearts and Rainbows the Diva Way. It's so much more than hearts and rainbows, though, it's a complete beginner's guide to getting started with the wonderful and addicting craft of tie dye.  You'll learn how to fold and dye that perfectly shaped heart and those bright rainbows, how to dye a solid background, how to control stray splatters and bleeds that might wreck your design, and how to cure and wash out for a bright, bold, long-lasting effect.

The eBook includes a design gallery of other designs you can tie dye once you learn the basic techiques taught for the heart and rainbow!  You can make all kinds of tie dye shapes - fish, cats, stars and more, and lots of awesome linear designs.

No-waiting instant download of this tutorial on my site at

Free fabric and patterns and logos and custom clothing, oh my!

I know, I had you at free fabric. The Back 2 School Giveaway with Birdsong Bows has just begun! Not only can you can not only win Tie Dye Diva PDF sewing patterns,  I'm joined by Boutique By Design (, LilBlueBoo (, The Ribbon Retreat  (, Mamachee ( 1PuddleLaneClothing ( and of course our hostess with the mostest, Birdsong Bows (! Nearly $300 in prizes, and easy to enter.

Go to the giveaway page for contest rules and details on how to enter!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Look Who's in the Spotlight Now!

Twice a month, the Diva's going to turn the spotlight on a few of the talented designers who start their creations with Tie Dye Diva PDF sewing patterns. The first featured designers are here, and I am so happy to bring you this second installment. It is so much fun for me to scout around on etsy and Facebook and find all these talented seamstresses sewing with and crediting Tie Dye Diva Patterns.

I found the the cutest dress made from my Sweet Summer Halter Dress pattern, in the etsy shop of SewingSeeds4U! It's adorable in pinks and green, and look at the cute trim she added at the bodice seam. What a clever and perfect accent that adds! You can see the full listing here.

I could hardly decide which of the many gorgeous designs by Selahs Closet to feature. She has 7 listings made from the Ruffled Baby Bubble Romper, each one of them just stunning. Take a look at this one, with a sweet old fashioned roses print, polka dotted ruffles, and a perfectly executed snap crotch.

Ready for more ruffly goodness? This one's made expertly made by Lady With Faith from the big girl version of the ruffled romper pattern, Ruffled Bubble Romper for Girls (sizes 2-6).

She has a selection of gorgeous fabrics to choose from in the listing, or you can choose any fabric from other items in her etsy shop, and she will custom sew all sizes. 

So many more amazing seamstresses on my list ... and I'll be scouting the web for more pretty things made with Tie Dye Diva patterns. Feel free to give me a shout out via the Tie Dye Diva Facebook Fan Page if you sew with Tie Dye Diva Patterns (and be sure to credit my pattern in your listing) and would like to be included. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

2000 fan giveaway winners

Thank you to all the Facebook fans who participated in the Tie Dye Diva Patterns 2000 Facebook fan giveaway today!  And a HUGE thank you to Fabric Hound for contributing to the prizes! The lucky winner of the $25 Fabric Hound gift certificate gets to choose from that luscious selection of fabrics, patterns, notions and more. I have used Fabric Hound fabrics for so many of my pattern samples, and you can't beat Myrinda's policy of only charging actual shipping, she refunds if the checkout system charges more than the shipping actually costs.

Now on to the winners! Four clever and quick-fingered Facebook fans answered some fun questions over on the fan page and they are all entered in the giveaway. 24 additional fans joined the mailing list during the short time frame given between the third and fourth questions. I decided the first, second and third place winners would be chosen in order from these entries using randomizer, in the order the entries came in: first, second and third question winners, then mailing list subscribers in order of subscription, then fourth question winner. So without further ado:

First place winner! Congratulations to Lindsay D., who got the second question right, and wins the $25 Fabric Hound gift certificate!

Second place winner! Congratulations to Lisa P. whose email address starts "halos..." who subscribed to the newsletter and wins a Tie Dye Diva Three Peas in a Pod paper pattern valued at $10.50 - no printing, no taping, and a free green zipper to go with it!

Third place winner! Congratulations to Fabiola who subscribed to the newsletter and wins $5 off her next Tie Dye Diva Patterns purchase!

I'm so delighted and honored to have all the wonderful talented and crafty people to hang out and chat with on the Tie Dye Diva facebook page, it lights up my day to see a kind word or new photos of the things that have been created with my patterns. Thanks so very much to all!

Tie Dye Diva Patterns Mailing List hookup!

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Free printable - Mommy & Me First Day of School/Kindergarten Bracelet Poem

I can't believe my oldest is starting sixth grade this Fall. It seems like yesterday I was peeling her off my legs on her first day of Kindergarten. I came across this photo on my computer the other day and remembered the First Day of Kindergarten bracelets I made for us - one in her size, one in mine, both with a dangly heart charm, and gave to her along with this poem I wrote.

Yes, it's a little schmaltzy, and yes, I committed the sin of Comic Sans, but it made her feel better and made me feel better too. She only wore it for a few days before she was running off at drop-off time without even a 'bye, mom'. (Hm, a tradition that continues to this day.)

I wanted to share this idea and the poem with you, you can write your own (much better) poem or download the printable First Day of Kindergarten Poem. Print it on cardstock, cut on the lines, punch 2 holes in the top for threading a ribbon through, and tie a set of handmade or store-bought bracelets to it. 

Two years later, I made my middle son a set for his first day of Kindergarten with a boyish hempcord bracelet and a frog charm. 

I have only one more first day of Kindergarten left, perhaps I should make my last Mommy bracelet out of a large wad of Kleenex. 

Please feel free to link to this printable but do not reprint the poem on your site without crediting it to me. It is intended for personal use only.