2000 fan giveaway winners

Thank you to all the Facebook fans who participated in the Tie Dye Diva Patterns 2000 Facebook fan giveaway today!  And a HUGE thank you to Fabric Hound for contributing to the prizes! The lucky winner of the $25 Fabric Hound gift certificate gets to choose from that luscious selection of fabrics, patterns, notions and more. I have used Fabric Hound fabrics for so many of my pattern samples, and you can't beat Myrinda's policy of only charging actual shipping, she refunds if the checkout system charges more than the shipping actually costs.

Now on to the winners! Four clever and quick-fingered Facebook fans answered some fun questions over on the fan page and they are all entered in the giveaway. 24 additional fans joined the mailing list during the short time frame given between the third and fourth questions. I decided the first, second and third place winners would be chosen in order from these entries using randomizer, in the order the entries came in: first, second and third question winners, then mailing list subscribers in order of subscription, then fourth question winner. So without further ado:

First place winner! Congratulations to Lindsay D., who got the second question right, and wins the $25 Fabric Hound gift certificate!

Second place winner! Congratulations to Lisa P. whose email address starts "halos..." who subscribed to the newsletter and wins a Tie Dye Diva Three Peas in a Pod paper pattern valued at $10.50 - no printing, no taping, and a free green zipper to go with it!

Third place winner! Congratulations to Fabiola who subscribed to the newsletter and wins $5 off her next Tie Dye Diva Patterns purchase!

I'm so delighted and honored to have all the wonderful talented and crafty people to hang out and chat with on the Tie Dye Diva facebook page, it lights up my day to see a kind word or new photos of the things that have been created with my patterns. Thanks so very much to all!