Eating My Own Dog Food

I gave many handmade gifts this Christmas season. Some made by me from my own patterns (eating my own dog food, so to speak): My sister in law, nephew and husband received hats from my 30 minute fleece hat pattern, given to them in their handmade stockings from my free Christmas stocking pattern. My Mom got a shirt made with my corsage tee tutorial. The cat and some of my friends' cats received fleece mice from a pattern I made up. And of course, I shopped etsy as well. Some of my top picks:
  1. Fancy handmade lollipops from This Charming Candy. I felt like a million bucks dropping these jewel-like lovelies by pairs into Christmas stockings. My family is loving the creative flavors such as salted caramel and pistachio marshmallow. My daughter says the honey jasmine tastes just like a long sip on a honeysuckle flower.
  2. Hand screen printed organic cotton towel from Oh Little Rabbit. So nicely done, a pleasure to give, though so nice I bought two so I could keep one for myself.
  3. Card table playhouse made by me with PDF pattern from Miss Pretty Pretty. I improvised many of the details but the pattern provided great instructions for the general structure of the house, and the littlest guy loves it.
  4. Beaded socks from socute2. (Update: looks like she does not have any more in her shop. Here is the sold item so you can see what I'm talking about.) Remember these? My daughter had a pair of forgotten origin that she wore until the very last bead fell off. I had this wonderful etsy seller make her a replacement pair, several sizes larger. Adorable and well made.
  5. This one was a precious gift received: A CD jewel case 2011 calendar from hollyit featuring the beautifully photographed seasons as they pass here in Northern California. Lemons are featured for January, and mine out the window are just about to become ripe. Though they don't look as lovely in my toy-strewn, weather-bedraggled yard as in the calendar's perfect captured moment.