Everything I Needed to Know I Learned from my 5 week Old

Some hard lessons being learned here in the Diva household. Babies are fun, babies are cute, babies are a lot of work. You would think I know this since this is number 3 for me, but somehow I had forgotten just how much a baby completely takes over your life, much as the pain of labor has already been forgotten. I have removed custom items from my etsy shop for now, as it has become crystal clear I just don't have time to be sewing right now. (I do have some ready to ship items, including diaper covers, and I will keep replenishing as time allows, and of course my eBooks are in stock and still ship within 8 hours.)

The letting go will feel good in time, I hope. For now, I am in a little mourning period for my fabrics and trims, for the hum and whir of my sewing machine, for the creative outlet I love so much. This is balanced by the sweet breath of a sleeping baby on my neck and the coos and first smiles, and the knowledge that this time is so precious and fleeting.