The way-yay-ting is the hardest part ...

Well, my due date came and went on Thursday and I still don't feel any closer to going into labor. I don't feel like doing much, actually, except sitting and sewing, so this is going to be the best custom-dressed baby in town by the time he gets here!

I looked around and realized in my concerns over BPA-laden toys, I neglected to get the little guy any toys at all. So I sewed up one of these teething carrot toys, then a bunch, each made from organic cotton fleece, bamboo fill, and lightly hand-dyed with professional procion dyes that leave no loose dyes in the fibers. Come n' get em in my etsy shop. I also have ready to ship hanging clothespin holders, lavender fairy sachets and more, and will be shipping within my usual time frame of 48 hours.

Free US shipping until the baby's birthdate to anyone who promises to send along their positive thoughts for getting this baby to come on out and play sooner rather than later. Either me know before check out, or, I will refund via Paypal.