The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I have admitted before I have an unnatural love for my clothes line. For me, it turns the drudgery of a weekly chore into one of life's simple pleasures. I love using the gentle breeze and the sun to dry my family's wash just as my grandmother did. I love the smell left in them, one without compare, something like water mixed with wind. I swear, I fall asleep immediately under a line-dried sheet. And it goes without saying, I love it because it's FREE, no gas or electricity needed.

I've noticed an uptick in sales of my How to Sew a Handy Clothespin Carrier pattern in the last week and each one makes my heart glad, as I imagine newly-sewn pretty peg bags, swaying in the breeze somewhere in the world, alongside sweet scented laundry drying in the sun.

Speaking of sewing patterns, tomorrow is the last day to join my mailing list to be entered into a contest to win 3 free downloadable sewing patterns of your choice. You can sign up using the purple box in the sidebar over there ---->

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