(Quilt) Top O' the Mornin' to ya

I had a quiet morning at home and was able to put the borders on my You Can Make This Sew-Along quilt. I love that the make-it-up-as-you go factor gave me a lot of creativity along the way - this is not the kind of quilt I would have planned out had I planned it, but I love it! I had some "Malibu Monkey" print (told you, I have a LOT of Moda Monkey fabric) that turned out to be perfect for the inner border, I really like the "marching monkeys" effect! I hope it works to back the quilt with flannel, as I have some of the brown banana print in flannel that would fit perfectly. My (nearly) finished quilt size is almost a perfect 36" x 36". I think I'll make a matching pillow cover while I wait for the next steps to tell me how to back the quilt.