I feel so quilty

Still sewing along with YCMT! I love this latest step, we've put the squares together into strips and filled in the side triangles with fabric pieces. This gave me the opportunity to add a little more brown into the quilt, which I was hoping to do. I like it!

Clementine does too. Or maybe her immediate need to sit upon it means she hates it, you never can tell with cats.

It's not too late to sew along with YCMT if you want to try making your first quilt, and while you are there, please take a moment to vote for You Can Make This as one of America’s Top Mom-Owned Businesses. I personally can't say enough great things about the site, it empowers stay/work-at-home moms (and anyone else who wants to learn to sew or expand their abilities) to create beautiful, useful items for personal use and home businesses, and as the co-author of five eBooks (and two more in the works, more on that soon!) I am grateful for the opportunity to expand my own business by teaching others to sew. Please take a minute to vote and let them know how much you value the site.