Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rah Rah! Sis Boom's ON!

The moment we have been waiting for! Adagio Bleu's Sis Boom Celebration started today. If you love Paganelli fabrics the way I do, you won't want to miss the gorgeous custom creations from over 100 designers! Search eBay for ABSD Sisboom.

Here's a peek at the custom dress I have listed:

I've designed this fresh summer dress from tiers and tiers of Jennifer Paganelli's gorgeous Girlfriends fabrics and spared no detail. The trim and straps are crafted by me from hand-cut bias strips, and vintage lace from my prized stash adds a sweet touch. Topping it off is a removable shabby rose pin, rough cut and layered to flutter (but carefully edged with fray check to control further fraying).

Now here's the fun part! My models were both crazy about this dress! This gave me the idea to let the winning bidder and her little girl have a hand in designing it just the way they like. Summer is such a great time to let your child feel special by doing something just for her, and she'll feel so proud when she wears the dress you've both created.

The winning bidder can choose any of my Girlfriends fabrics below and select the lace. I'll then hand-place the fabrics to best showcase the prints of gorgeous showy blooms and elegant scrolls, handcraft the trim and prepare your dress in any size 2 through 8 according to the measurements you provide. Don't miss coordinating accessories from dream*n*color and abby-doodles!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Do You Sis Boom?

I am so excited to be a member of Adagio Bleu Studios Designers as we prepare for our launch featuring Jennifer Paganelli's fun and gorgeous Sis Boom fabrics! Jennifer herself has joined the launch and has donated a item that will be auctioned, with the proceeds of that item going to charity. She's even stopped in on our launch board! (I have to blog vicariously through my friend and co-designer Lori of Alligator Soup - check out the quilt market photos including one of her with Jennifer. I'd be star struck.) No wonder Jennifer has so many 'Girlfriends' to name her fabrics after, what a fun person she is!

My sneak peek is in the upper right, a tiered custom dress (any size 2 through 8) made from the beautiful, girly Girlfriends fabrics.

Many other designers are using Girlfriends, and lots of others are using the playful new Bellbottoms fabrics, so be sure to check it out starting May 29! Search eBay for ABSD SISBOOM.

We Love Mud!

I am a little late in thanking my bidders for helping me be part of a $17,000+ donation to the Yurgaitis family. I am so grateful to have been able to help Michele in this time of tragedy. I know the money does not alleviate any of her grief, but if it helps her worry less about money for the time being so she can focus on other things, I am glad to have helped.

If you would like to make a donation to Michele, please contact me and I will send information on how you can make a direct donation.