Song sung blue

There are times when it's not only fun to be a dyer, it's downright handy. Take this window seat cushion cover, for example. After 5+ years in the burning hot California sunshine, it was extremely faded in the center. Yuck! I guess my deep affection for my favorite curl-up cozy spot allowed me to overlook its condition for quite a while.

(No one in the Diva household claims to know anything about those darker blotches in the faded area, so I'll go along with the theory they are an aberration from the original dyeing process.)

With a Nothing Left to Lose attitude, I decided yesterday that I'd try to overdye the cover to see if I could even out the fade. The problem is, dye is transparent, so the results are like looking at the original through a piece of colored glass: lighter areas remain lighter, dark blotches within remain dark. But it was give it a try or fork out a couple hundred for a new custom cover, so for the minimal expense of a jar of navy Procion MX dye, I forged ahead.

It took a lot of dye; the Navy I used required a proportion of 4% WOG (weight of goods) or about 2.5 ounces of dye for the cover. Mixing it was not so bad, but filtering it was a huge pain and I have the blue-gray fingers to prove it. Thank goodness I decided this was a project to do entirely in the out-of-doors.

Here's the result! It's not perfect but has turned back the clock a few years for sure.

I can't wait to get a good book and enjoy my new blue place.