From flat ... to famous!

My friend Kate and I were very excited to have one of our children's clothing eBook patterns featured on a television spot featuring You Can Make This today! As soon as we knew our pattern would be featured, we set about designing the perfect "Back to School" dress to showcase the pattern. After a lot of emails and mock-ups, telephone calls and chat sessions, we decided on this:

Can you see the dress in there somewhere? We then worked together to whip it up into a dress for the model, had it make a very important stop at my good friend Fancy Pants Customs for the addition of machine embroidery, and got ready to be famous. Though neither of us live where we were able to see the show on TV, we caught the video clip on Good Morning Utah's website, check it out!

How cool is that? You can see the featured patterns, including ours, at
Coming up soon: follow me through dyeing a whole bunch of fabric purple.

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