Ice Cream in a Bag, California version

I got this fun idea from my blogging, bib-making, super wonderful friend Becky at Upsiedoodle and had to try it out: Ice cream in a bag! She found it on We wanted to make a single bag so we doubled the recipe, putting 2 cups half and half, 4 tablespoons sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla extract in a quart Ziploc, and then putting that into a gallon Ziploc with ice and a cup of rock salt (pilfered from our water softener).

Now, you gotta love my husband's outfit. He had been working in the garden in this lovely silk shirt and garden boot ensemble, making me expect he would burst out singing "Y ... M ... C ... A!" any moment. To his credit, he did some great shaking. The kids were temporarily more interested in their plastic dinosaur.

That is, until Z tested to see if the ice cream was done ...

And everyone pronounced it delicious.

Z is dressed in a Tie Dye Diva Rainbow Earth tee; M is in a tie dye cami of her own styling. I disclaim any responsibility for my husband's outfit.