How I Spent My Summer Vacation

The kids have declared today "games day" so we're making everything a game and playing games and having prizes.

So far we have played:

Guess What Song I'm Humming
Guess What I Took a Picture of (examples below)
Make Your Own Breakfast game (I made up this one, brilliant, eh?)
Find all the Z's in the supermarket game
Alphabet tag - tag someone and say a letter, they have to stay frozen until they shout a name beginning with the letter you said.

We're making star-shaped cookies for all us winners when the day is done.

Oh yeah, and I listed some new items on eBay this morning before Games Day was in full swing - consider it the Opening Ceremonies. This is my Euro Mermaid Anna dress and capri set with the adorable Miss Kay photographed by Cassi of p_tigerlily.

Click here to see all my new eBay listings.

OK, onto the games. This is a fun one, if you are willing to let your kids hold your digital camera. Take turns going around the house taking closeup pictures, and the others have to guess what it is. (For the kids, set it on no flash, and push the little tulip button for closeups, and be sure they wear the wrist strap). I had to take out the ones that no one would know unless they lived in our crazy household, but here are some from today. Guesses, anyone? Free shipping on any eBay or etsy item for the winner.