Do You Sis Boom?

I am so excited to be a member of Adagio Bleu Studios Designers as we prepare for our launch featuring Jennifer Paganelli's fun and gorgeous Sis Boom fabrics! Jennifer herself has joined the launch and has donated a item that will be auctioned, with the proceeds of that item going to charity. She's even stopped in on our launch board! (I have to blog vicariously through my friend and co-designer Lori of Alligator Soup - check out the quilt market photos including one of her with Jennifer. I'd be star struck.) No wonder Jennifer has so many 'Girlfriends' to name her fabrics after, what a fun person she is!

My sneak peek is in the upper right, a tiered custom dress (any size 2 through 8) made from the beautiful, girly Girlfriends fabrics.

Many other designers are using Girlfriends, and lots of others are using the playful new Bellbottoms fabrics, so be sure to check it out starting May 29! Search eBay for ABSD SISBOOM.